Blockchain Pet-Based Company Announces Listing on BitForex Exchange

Miami, April 12th– Blockchain-based pet company Pawtocol, the world’s most advanced pet community, have listed their token, Universal Pet Income (UPI) on the BitForex exchange. 

“This is part of our aggressive campaign to be listed on the top 20 exchanges,” says Karim Quazzani, CEO of Pawtocol. “This is a very exciting time for us as we continue with explosive growth and offer the community yet another opportunity to have easy access to purchase UPI.” 

UPI allows the Pawtocol community access to the diverse Pawtocol ecosystem which can better the lives of animals all over the world. In fact, Pawtocol has teamed up with Indacoin to increase accessibility by enabling pet lovers to have instant access to purchase UPI with credit and debit cards on the front page of

In the company’s latest news, Pawtocol is collaborating with Costa Rican animal rescues, and created the first-ever of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of shelter pets which will be sold in the NFT Marketplace. This will raise awareness and funds for their virtual adoption campaign and help place pets in forever homes.

Other uses for UPI include: 

  • Utilizing their new search engine which is made for pet lovers and allows users to collect UPI simply by searching like they would on Google. 
  • UPI can be used on the Pawtocol ecosystem for buying ESG products from Pawtocol pet-friendly businesses. They can select items such as toys and food from ethical manufacturers and suppliers. More products and services will be announced as the Pawtocol ecosystem grows. 
  • A pilot program that works with EZVets mobile veterinarian as well as walk-ins at one of their high-tech clinics where UPI will be accepted as a form of payment.

Pawtocol is also currently launching its app in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store which will be live shortly. After downloading the app, a user will be able to register a pet by scanning the QR Code of their revolutionary Blockchain Pet Tag and put the pet on the Blockchain.  Pawtocol is the first company to do so. 

Pawtocol practices ESG principles by being Environmentally and Socially responsible, with inclusive and transparent Governance (the backbone of Blockchain) – while showing users how to use their pet’s data to not just help other pets and pet parents, but to earn income as well. Most recently, Pawtocol has begun distributing their revolutionary plant-based, ESG Blockchain Pet Tags and the first to create NFTs of pets.