Blockchain Tech Marketing

Founded in 2022, the Freemason Family Office  is now beginning a major global expansion. Currently, it is focusing on future digital-centric marketing and rushing to complete digital marketing infrastructure facilities such as the Digital Space Metaverse and the NFT Market.

The image of FFO’s Metaverse, Genesis Kingdom is going to be created by a Hong Kong company, ViLab , with high quality CG technology. (ViLab has their own metaverse called “Better Metaverse. A partnership with Mammoth  which has its own ecosystem with a high-quality mainnetwork with their own layer one protocol, has also been set up.
The sales frame for real estate in Japan in the metaverse is already completed in FFO metaverse, and many prefectures have sold out.

The NFT market platform, AddVALUE has been completed  and stores are now starting to open one after another.

Based on the digital space, various digital currencies such as META,  Asset, FAYE, Moneta, 

RabBIT, or  Freemason Box, have been issued and the framework of a swap exchange has been completed.

Based on these digital markets, FFO is also embarking on business development of advanced technologies to improve the environment through collaboration with Nigeria, Africa. FFO has impressed with the philosophy of Chief Kennedy Fintan Nnaji, who is running for the next presidential election from the New Nigeria Democratic Party (NNDP), to develop sustainable technologies under the motto “Together We Can” in the hope that the strong national bond will create a new nation. The two companies have formed a business alliance and will support NNDP’s activities in the future.