Blockchain Wave Conference will take place on November 6

For the second time in a year, Turkish organizers are preparing the Blockchain Wave crypto conference. They are Lead Volume agency and Centex crypto-exchange, that do it this time with the support of the Turkish exchange AlpTurk. After the April event, the organizers again call to Antalya, now in November, the local Turkish community and guests from the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

In the spring, such well-known opinion leaders as Tone Vays and Jorge Sebastiao spoke on the Turkish blockchain wave. On November 6, Sergey Khitrov and Mehmet Turkarslan have already confirmed their participation. If on April 8 the event was held at a hotel, where guests after the official part still attended the Crypto Combat themed after-party based on the famous militant, this time the organizing committee is preparing an open-air on a new site.

“We chose a location with a garden by the river and mountains for our outdoor conference, since the climate of Antalya allows it,” says Aleksei Nasybullin, the organizer of Blockchain Wave. In these difficult times for offline events, it is safer for the health of guests to hold such massive events outdoors next to the sea. Moreover, the atmosphere of the garden and nature around inspires people and disposes to communication, as well as to effective networking. “

The main topics of the conference:

– NFT perspectives
– DAO development
– DeFi, pharming and staking: new trends
– cyber security
– crypto trading in 2021
– investments in blockchain projects in the current realities
– legal aspects of the legalization of cryptocurrencies in different
– mining 2021

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