Cryptogon — is a first competition between startup projects, emerging and expanding companies in front of investors

During the event, the participants will expand their network, find investors and partners for their project, evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, get honest feedback from the industry professionals.

How it works

The total of 6-10 projects will participate in the competition with their pitch.

The project presenters will compete and present their ideas to the audience and the Judges of experts in the crypto industry.

Timur Kudratov and LWK Group will hold a selection process of the projects and play a role of an accelerator before the competition, helping projects to improve their presentation and adapt to the UAE investment market.

The competition will include three rounds. The challenge is to prove to the jury that your project is worthy of investment:

Round 1: THE PITCH –  Each team will be given only 3 minutes to present their projects. The jury will asses each team and give their points.

Round 2: THE BATTLE. Each team will be given a list of all participating projects in advance. They will have to come prepared with competitors analysis, to know their strengths and weaknesses. The teams will randomly be divided into pairs. The challenge is to ask the opponent tricky questions within 3 minutes. The jury will asses each team and give their points.

Round 3: Q&A. Questions from the audience and the jury. The jury will ask questions to the teams, after that any person from the audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions. The limit is ten questions from the audience. Once all the questions have been answered, the jury will give their point for the last round.

The team that collected the most number of points will be the Champion of Cryptogon.

There will be a party in honor of the winning project!

To participate in the competition or join as an investor or guest, kindly contact Mark on +971 58 594 4984

For more information follow the link: