D3 Bahamas Web3 & FinTech Conference

Join at Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas, for the inaugural D3 Bahamas Web3 and FinTech Conference from October 10-12, presented by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas in collaboration with the Government of The Bahamas and Finoverse. D3 Bahamas aims to showcase The Bahamas as a hub for digital assets, decentralization, and blockchain technology.

With a focus on the intersection of decentralization, digitalization, and disruption, D3 Bahamas invites over 800 builders, regulators, investors, founders, and thought leaders to explore the latest in FinTech and Web3 innovation. Topics of discussion will include regulation, building blocks of FinTech, and the path to a successful digital economy.

This three-day event will foster discourse, networking, and workshops, providing a platform for the international community to address regulatory, technological, and financial challenges. Startups are encouraged to apply to the D3 Startup Program, gaining exposure to global venture capitalists, regulators, and policymakers.

Join at D3 Bahamas to drive innovation, collaboration, and effective regulation in the FinTech and Web3 industries.

Secure your spot now at D3 Bahamas: fnvr.se/D3-ticketing