DMM Group’s web3 ecosystem “Seamoon Protocol” Gears Up for Full Launch, Aiming for Global Expansion Over the Next Decade

DM2C Studio Inc. (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Nagato Kazaki, hereinafter “DM2C Studio”) has announced the digital economic zone concept “Seamoon Protocol,” securing about 340 million yen by the end of 2023 through strategic partnerships with companies both domestically and internationally. Galaxy Interactive, the lead investor, stated in an exclusive interview that “Seamoon Protocol will be the first wave of high-level web3 games originating from Japan.”

As a forerunner in its future developments, Seamoon Protocol will be a Gold Sponsor of the “TEAMZ WEB3 / AI SUMMIT 2024,” held on April 13th and 14th, 2024 where it plans to announce the issuance of its own tokens. Additionally, large-scale promotions, including airdrop campaigns and collaborations with web3 operators, are scheduled within 2024.

About Seamoon Protocol
“Seamoon Protocol” (hereinafter, “SMP”) is a web3 economic zone concept proposed by DM2C Studio, a group company of LLC Issuing its own token, DM2P, it offers various entertainment experiences, including games created by domestic and international companies.

Unique Strengths DMM’s Business Assets
Among the DMM Group’s over 60 existing businesses, many are highly compatible with web3, such as cryptocurrency exchange and FX. Also, DMM has a track record of building Japan’s largest PC online game platform. These business synergies will be maximally utilized to construct a web3 economic zone.

Intricately Designed Unique Token Economics
SMP plans to gradually increase the issuance of DM2P tokens over ten years as the economic zone expands. The inclusion of DM2P tokens in the developers’ fees is designed to steadily increase token demand by allowing users uninterested in web3 to participate easily with fiat currency.

Moreover, investment-oriented DeFi services are planned, providing various values to token holders and establishing a stable economic foundation.

“New Entertainment” Created with web3 Technology

Initially focusing on the gaming business, SMP will offer a new era of entertainment services never seen before by combining diverse IPs and services that only DMM can produce with web3 technology.

Not only its own publishing services but SMP actively invites 3rd party games and services, expanding a variety of unique entertainments on SMP.

These strengths have been recognized, and at the end of last year, strategic partnerships were signed with eight companies, including Galaxy Interactive, one of the world’s largest venture capitals specializing in the entertainment field. This partnership serves as a foothold for aiming for full-scale global expansion within 2024.

Future Developments
SMP plans to roll out various campaigns, including a large-scale airdrop campaign, coinciding with the listing of its own currency DM2P within 2024.

Details of the airdrop campaign and additional information will be distributed on the official Seamoon Protocol X account:

“Seamoon Protocol” official X account:

SMP Economic Zone Design

SMP offers four modules to realize its unique economic zone concept, providing various mechanisms and services for each function. The details of the economic zone concept are described in the white paper and will be updated periodically.

Release of web3 Games

By this fall, SMP is preparing for the release of the following six games:

  • The web3 version of the popular game played by 2.5 million people in Japan, “Kanpani☆Girls RE:BLOOM”
  • A blockchain card game from Thailand, “Kyrie & Terra”
  • Digital prize-on-chain “BOUNTY HUNTERS”
  • Blockchain game “Coin Musume”
  • A full-scale NFT trading card game “Kamiyagura”
  • An NFT strategy trading card game “Duelyst 3.0”


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