Recently, on January 23-24, the ENCRYPTED Production team that is filming the documentary series about crypto adoption in the world, held a great event in El Salvador, gathering top government leaders, entrepreneurs, deputies, speakers, crypto enthusiasts, and blockchain project investors from around the world under one roof. Many major government officials attended the event, and all the guests were delighted with what they heard and saw there. 

William Soriano, congressman, and head of the Economics Committee of El Salvador Parliament was the first to speak. He shared plans and what changes are expected in all the aspects of El Salvador law regulations in the near future. 

Next, there spoke Mike Peterson, the founder of BitcoinBeach. As a matter of fact, that is where everything has started in El Salvador. He talked about their initiatives in charity organizations, such as building houses, helping kids, and these all through accepting donations in Bitcoins.

Next spoke Max Keiser, Bitcoin maximalist and show host of “Keiser Report”, excellent, as always. He spoke about his life in El Salvador and how he is proud to live there.

Among other speakers, Evan Luthra – Angel Investor of 200+ crypto startups and featured in Forbes 30 under 30; and Nelson Inno – innovator, NFT best-selling author, and TED’s speaker, talked about coming innovations.

Finally, Forbes/Entrepreneur contributor and crypto influencer Alex Belov from ENCRYPTED production took the stage. Among other things, the Encrypted team presented the full episode of the documentary for all the public gathered at the event. The visitors were truly amazed by what they had seen, to put it mildly. Some deputies and congress members took videos from the event and posted them on Twitter, sharing them with the whole world. They were all ears; applause never stopped. 

To feel the atmosphere, check out the Twitter page dedicated to the event https://twitter.com/EncryptedFilm?t=olE3hrfLjntgZw5v9Fdqrw&s=09

El Salvador government officials commented on the documentary in their Twitter accounts and personally. They said the video really described things as they were in El Salvador, expressing gratitude to the Encrypted Production team for transferring the true situation in the country to the whole world.

Following dinner and the party gathered visitors of the event, where people from different fields and countries discussed the economy, crypto adoption, and, of course, the seen episode of the documentary series. . Delegation of investors that arrived at the event (investors from Colombia, America, Canada, Russia, Mexica, Italy) were invited intentionally to see the changes carried out in El Salvador and the vast investment opportunities they bring. They were so impressed by what they saw. The party brought together so many interesting people gathered in one place – from surfers to congress members. Everyone had a good time, plenty of talk, a friendly ambiance, and many new valuable contacts.

Wrapping up

The event held by the Encrypted Production team gave the guests and investors the chance to communicate with government officials, congressmen, and PROESA representatives. This large-scale conference was a brilliant opportunity for international investors to communicate directly with the guests, make new acquaintances, and discuss the industry. One of the investors, inspired by what he heard and saw,  has even launched the company right there, opened a bank account and office in El Salvador.

So it was really cool, and the Encrypted Production team is not going to stop there – they plan to hold many such events and invite investors from different counties to show them potential opportunities and investments in El Salvador. So a lot more is coming soon.