Forum about mining, business and DeFi. Current state of the industry and development prospects

On September 30, Moscow will host TerraCrypto forum dedicated to topical blockchain industry issues. Over 300 community representatives will meet to discuss how cryptocurrencies affect the global market during the pandemic, what are the features of mining and trading digital assets, how individual projects and media influencers affect the market. 

More that 20 speakers from all over the world will perform for the guests: CEO BitRiver Igor Runets, Zenfuse Founder Yuri Kovalev, SkyFlex Founder Ivan Arkadyevich, CEO Chilkoot Artem Eremin, EMCD Founder Michael Jerlis, Tehnobit Founder Alexander Peresichan, CFO OneBoost Valeria Fedyakina and others. 

Topics at the event:

Mining: Real risks of used equipment; Where to put the old generation equipment; Potential for the emergence of a new generation equipment; Profitability and payback; Real case with numbers; Mining pools. Where to mine with profit; Mining ETH and its prospects. Mining altcoins; Information security (viruses, providers, internal fraud, hackers); Legal setup. How to scale a business without attracting attention of “fiat orderlies”, how to correctly conclude an agreement with the site.

DeFi and GameFi: farming, staking or mining.  What is more profitable; secure farming strategies on stablecoins; Ethereum, Poligon, Solana, BSC – which is more promising;  GameFi as a new trend. How to make money on it; DeFi regulations; web3.0 transformation, project overview.

Payments, OTC, Processing: How and where to safely exchange cryptocurrency; Modules for tracking cryptocurrency transactions; P2P exchange market, what are the limits and how they make money on it; What turns are starting to be noticeable; Crypto payment market.

Industry Development: Status of Mining and Cryptocurrency in China. The situation and reasons for the prohibition of mining; Hosting in different countries. Platform influence on rules and prices; How to increase the number of hash rates per region; Russia and Kazakhstan – joint steps for the development of the industry; Industry regulation in Russia.  Precedents, setting, development options.

Forum partners: Zenfuse, Chilkoot, EMCD, Bitriver, IGTEC, Dexsport, 0xprocessing and many others.

Liaison for work with partners: Nikita Vassev, founder of TerraCrypto

Telegram: @NVassev

Liaison for work with media: Ekaterina Berestova, Media manager

Telegram: @katyaberr

Liaison for working with speakers: Yulia Viktorova, Event director

Telegram: @Julia_Victorova

Location of the TerraCrypto forum: Archiloft (Moscow, Skolkovskoe sh., 31, p. 1).

The beginning: 14:00 (Moscow time)

The end of the business program: 19:00 (Moscow time)

Forum website:

Facebook: @ TCby6TT

Instagram: @terra_crypto

Telegram channel: @Terra_Crypto

Twitter: @TerraCrypto_