Greet High Rollers

High Rollers project was founded by an experienced investor and creator in the crypto space, Chris. He aims to build a unique community with unparalleled privileges relying on his knowledge of psychology and creative powers to the table. He is not the only one working on the project – Jian – engaged in development and management, has more than 16 years of experience in business, and 8 years in the crypto industry. Jian has been behind some of the greatest launches in recent years.

The basic points of the project

The High Rollers are the best in Alpha plays. You used to think that the High Rollers are just lucky, but soon you’ll understand that they have drastic methods and play when they are confident they win. You can receive a bag of BallerX tokens when you mint a High Roller and token rewards for holding your NFT on a daily basis. Each Higher Roller NFT will be used in our Poker game that we plan to release in 2022. 

Exclusive 3D art

Each High Roller NFT has a 3D counterpart NFT attached to it!

2 weeks after the hand-drawn OG High Rollers are minted, each NFT owner will receive 3D NFT separately. That’s 2 NFTs for one, so we recommend entering the project as early as possible because daily rewards for holding OG High Rollers will grow, thus, your income will grow too.

Benefits for holding NFTs

High Rollers are part of the BallerX Ecosystem, each of them is exclusive and brings rewards for holders. When you mint a High Roller, you will automatically receive a big bag of 5000 BallerX tokens and receive 1000 BallerX every day simply holding the NFT. We plan to launch the BallerX token at the end of November 2021 with over $300k liquidity on launch at a $10m market capitalization. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 at a launch price of $0.01 per token.

We plan to launch 7777 unique NFTs on Solana shortly. In addition, the first users of the project can be very lucky: one random user who mints an NFT card can get $ 10,000 in SOL tokens!

Nearest plans

The project has a Roadmap with detailed points of what they are eager to reach written for each month of this and the following year. So the nearest plans (December) are:

  • Active promotion of NFTs along with making partnerships and advertising. Active marketing.
  • Blow the competition away on Solana using dev fund from token
  • Release game screenshots and video
  • Disclose all possible features for the initial High Rollers Poker game
  • Make initial offers to the community for the Poker game features.