How to get a unique NFT from the 2021 World Chess Championship spending only $100?

NFT is conquering the crypto space, and we are happy to introduce you to the first-ever global Chess NFT marketplace, working in partnership with FIDE, the International Chess Federation.

This platform will allow trading licensed collectibles from the 2021 World Chess Championship, which will be held in Dubai officially. Millions of people from all over the world will watch it, curious to know who wins this year: Magnus Carlsen or Ian Nepomniachtchi.

All items featured on Chess NFT have liquidity as it is a long-term project that bridges two multi-billion dollar industries.

Join the project’s Discord for a chance to win free giveaways, get into the White List, become one of the first buyers and part of an ambitious ever-growing community with many benefits and utilities.

We gladly present a unique collection of chess FIDE World Championship in Dubai 2021 to you. The collection includes 9000 chess pieces:

  • 8400 common
  • 480 rare
  • 120 unique

After minting (tokenization of a digital item), a random chess piece will be placed in the collector’s account; everyone has an equal chance of getting a super rare item.

IMPORTANT: As the edition is limited, one account can buy no more than 6 items.

One item costs USD 100.

Collectors who have got 6 different items of the same color will receive a special drop with legendary moments from the entire Championship series.

For more information, go to the project’s Discord. Items to buy are available at this link: