Inaugural Blockchain Summit in Palau Gathers Web3 Visionaries to Drive Nationwide Digital Evolution

Koror, Palau, August 16, 2023 – Embarking on an ambitious journey, the Republic of Palau, a charming Pacific island nation, is set to engage in strategic dialogues with Web3 luminaries, including the prominent figure Vitalik Buterin. The primary goal is to embrace blockchain technology comprehensively, envisioning novel applications in governance innovation and sustainability pursuits. This endeavor is poised to steer Palau’s trajectory into an era of blockchain-driven ingenuity, positioning it as a dynamic hub for pioneering blockchain advancements.

Palau, renowned for its unspoiled aquatic treasures and underwater exploration, has long relied on tourism as its economic cornerstone. However, the pandemic-induced hiatus in tourism laid bare the nation’s imperative to diversify its economic landscape.

In a significant stride, Palau recently inaugurated a pilot program for the Palau Stablecoin – an innovation aimed at facilitating swift and secure cross-border transactions, catalyzing local use scenarios, and fostering financial creativity within Palau’s borders. In partnership with Ripple, the Palau Stablecoin derives its stability from the backing of US dollars, constituting a groundbreaking initiative as the world’s premier country-based stablecoin project.

The year 2022 witnessed Palau’s pioneering feat in unveiling the globe’s first digital residency program. This initiative beckoned digital nomads of the Web3 generation to embrace Palauan digital residency for purposes of KYC compliance and business prospects. Palau’s visionary roadmap also encompasses an impending digital corporate registry program and the trailblazing tokenization of tangible assets, propelling the acceleration of a Web3-driven charter zone.

“By harnessing the potential of blockchain technology in domains like finance, real estate, and carbon credits, we aim to revolutionize Palau, creating unprecedented avenues for our youth,” stated Alan Seid, Advisor of the Palau Blockchain Society.

Scheduled from August 27 to 29 in Palau, the Palau Blockchain Summit is an illustrious collaborative effort by Palau Blockchain Society, Palau Ocean Foundation, Metropolis Global, and Cura. The summit assembles esteemed luminaries, forward thinkers, and stakeholders to deliberate upon the prospective trajectory of Web3 and its dynamic relevance to Palau’s aspirations for sustainable development and innovative governance models. Palau’s strides in the Web3 realm are receiving steadfast encouragement from stalwarts in the Network State initiatives. Key members of Zuzalu, Vitalik Buterin’s visionary endeavor encompassing pop-up cities and longevity-focused network states, will partake in exploring the feasibility of establishing a Zuzalu presence within Palau. Additionally, Mask Network, a vanguard in the decentralized social network sphere with an ardent mission to democratize Web3 access, stands firmly behind Palau’s pioneering campaigns. Attendees stand to glean invaluable insights, fostering possibilities for synergy and investment within Palau’s transformative journey.

Distinguished for its distinctive format, the summit will span two days of insightful discussions and networking, succeeded by a day amidst the enchanting Rock Islands. Here, an “unconference style” gathering awaits, bringing together governmental dignitaries, including the Palauan President, to collectively brainstorm and exchange ideas. To learn more about the forthcoming Palau Blockchain Summit and to express interest in participation, please navigate to


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