Innovation in Business Summit 2021

 18 September 2021 — Hyatt Regency Dubai: TECH & SUSTAINABILITY: Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics , Data Security & Privacy, Blockchain & Digital Currency, Cloud systems, Business Innovation & Digital Transformation, Green Business, Green Marketing

Innovation in Business Summit 2021 invites innovative businesses in Tech and Sustainability sectors to assemble and discuss future possibilities of growth and development in business. The summit spotlights tech leaders, innovative startups and solutions providers to accelerate humanity’s success with the sustainable development goals achieved with the help of technological developments in the business sector in the UAE. It serves to bring forth industry leaders to reveal the growth of businesses that are relying on AI, VR, blockchain, nanotechnology, cloud systems, and smart payments. This year the summit focuses on

  • Live sessions with speakers and sponsors
  • Startup spotlight features
  • Networking among business leaders
  • Exhibitor showcase demos

Some of the major objectives the summit aims to achieve include:

  1. Connect various businesses in tech & sustainability space in Dubai
  2. Startup pitches for support: investments, operational design, mentorships.
  3. Share solutions related to Digitization, Privacy and Security challenges for businesses.
  4. Share new business ideas for growth.
  5. Find points of business collaboration.

This is an exclusive event and to receive access to it, businesses are requested to submit their profile with objectives to participate to our email