Innovation Startups Exhibition & Summit

The upcoming Innovation Startups Exhibition & Summit, which will take place on 3rd and 4th May 2023 at DIFC Innovation Hub in Dubai.

The event will bring together more than 40 investors, 20 speakers, and a diverse group of professionals from Metaverse, Blockchain, Web3, DeFi, Cryptocurrency, NFT and Gaming industries in a unique platform that encourages networking, learning, and exploring new opportunities.

Our top industry experts will provide insights and the most recent updates about the latest trends in Metaverse, Blockchain, Web3, DeFi, Cryptocurrency, NFT and Gaming. Exhibitors will have the chance to engage in meaningful exchanges with peers, identify potential partnerships, and explore new investment opportunities.

As a sponsor or exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your brand, products, and services to a targeted audience, including investors, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs. By participating in this event, you will gain a competitive edge and a better understanding of the latest trends and insights in your field.

We are also excited to offer two afterparties, which will create a relaxed and informal atmosphere for sponsors, exhibitors, investors, and future partners to connect and exchange ideas further.

We would like to invite you to participate in this exciting event, and we can guarantee that you will benefit greatly from it. If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting, please let us know, and we can provide you with more information and discuss partnership opportunities in detail.

Meanwhile, you can also find more details on the event website:

Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon.