“Khokhloma” token: Russian traditions in the NFT-space

The first NFT token in the style of Khokhloma painting, the traditional Russian style in art, has appeared on the marketplace of non-fungible tokens OpenSea!

Khokhloma is one of the most colorful attributes of Russian culture; over the past decade, it has become very popular in Russia and around the world, including the countries of the East, Europe, and America. It all started with fashion accessories and style in clothing and design, and now Khokhloma has reached the world of crypto!

According to the auction, the “Legendary Khokhloma ship” token was created about a month ago, and only recently became available for purchase. The token was created in compliance with all the conditions of the old craft, but at the same time, it was created in the form of the latest trend in the blockchain – a non-fungible token.

This is a great opportunity for lovers of digital art and connoisseurs of national traditions to get a truly exclusive digital item in their collection, a sketch of which can become an adornment of any expensive interior of an office, yacht, or mansion.