LWK Group proudly presents new Startups at their second CRYPTOGON 2.0 event based on ‘Shark Tank’ concept.

LWK Group had its second CRYPTOGON 2.0 event based on the concept of ‘Shark Tank’ on the 4th of March 2022. The event was a big success thanks to the effort of the team and thanks to the vision and leadership of the company’s founder and owner, Timur Kudratov. The event was held in Dubai at Train Beach Club, and was attended by more than 400 guests and some of them represent the most influential business companies from the UAE, Europe, Canada and the USA.

The CRYPTOGON 2.0 ‘Shark Tank’ event was hosted by the famous media personality Saif-Al Naji, and the ‘sharks’ were real business leaders like Hamdi Osman, Ilya Popov, Jaafar Al Doori, Sumati Menda, Sergey Sevantsyan and Pavel Hillman. Following the success of the first CRYPTOGON , the second event resulted in over 40 meetings between competing startups and participating leaders from the business and crypto world.

Described as a cross between the American ‘Shark Tank’ and the japanese ‘Dragon’s Den’, CRYPTOGON 2.0 ‘Shark Tank’ gave new startups the opportunity to pitch their projects in front of 400 guests to ‘sharks’ coming from all kind of different industries. The guests included Mohammed Ramadan, the Rosettani family, Rany Doleh, Danish Chotani, Javed Malik, Ali Abuzinjal, Frederik Karlsson, Osama Saeed, Ilya Churakov, Idriss B and David Porter.

CRYPTOGON’s 2.0 unique format gave 10 startups, that have been carefully chosen by the community, the opportunity to go on stage and each of them had five minutes to convince the seven sharks from the crypto world that their project is worth it. Following each presentation, the sharks had 5 minutes for questions. The participating startups were MetaHi, MetaGameHub, XDAO, Desibaby, SFTY, Theeye, Qenetex, DonaFi, Hawex and ArtsDAO.

40 meetings were arranged during the networking event. CRYPTOGON’s goal was for startups to build strong connections with sharks that can help them in their business. It is also a great chance for business leaders (sharks) to discover new projects they can invest in.

LWK Group’s founder, Timur Kudratov, says : ‘The digital currency market is highly competitive, and many startups struggle to make their voices heard. The concept behind the CRYPTOGON event is to provide a platform for startups to come and be face to face with influential crypto leaders and facilitate strong connections’.

CRYPTOGON 2.0 was partnered with EcoX, Ruby Family Office, Yalla Limited, Champagne D. Rock, FFA (Financial Freedom Academy, Coinstelegram, The Future Is Now, Relocate Global, White Walls, Luxury World Key Concierge, Brand Kipper, Business Concierge, DTV, AZGARD Education, Mercan Group, Blockchain Telegraph and Place Time. Sponsor of the event Rich Teddy Club , Slavi Ecosystem and MIRA Real Estate.

About LWK Group

Founded in 2006, LWK Group is a private holding group of five companies that is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The group has offices in London, Hong Kong and Moscow. Focused on offering personalised, exceptional quality services, CRYPTOGON 2.0 project is just the latest in a long history of successful events for the company.

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