Meet the Sponsors for the Global DeFi Congress & The Global Blockchain Congress

Whoever said this pandemic was bad for business definitely didn’t inform the DeFi and Blockchain industries. Agora & TDeFi’s efforts on the Global Blockchain Congress and the Global Defi Congress are a huge testament to that with 23 signed and confirmed sponsors from all over the world attending on February 9th and 10th in Dubai, the UAE.

Motivated by industry statistics indicating that $34.5 billion have been captured in the DeFi space alone, a 100% increase since January 2021, Agora and TDeFi have worked tirelessly to be at the forefront of this growth in the MENA region, securing high-quality projects from Europe, America, and South East Asia. Provided below are the names and bios of these blockchain & Defi stars.


Casper is the world’s first scalable, decentralized, and secure Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain. Casper can accommodate private, public, and hybrid network solutions, ensuring an optimized set of solutions for businesses, institutions, and individual application teams. The token native to the Casper network is CSPR and is used to secure the network through staking.


SWIC Digital Gateway AG is a Swiss FinTech startup enabling all people to invest via our blockchain-based investment platform. The SWIC Gateway offers direct exchange of assets between investors and financial providers via Smart ContractsWe are a team of both young and experienced professionals with expertise in finance, innovation and technology. Glad to discuss partnering/financing for further international expansion.


5Xitum LLC – Georgia, a trading point on the Silk Road for a long time and still has abundant nature, a pipeline that connects oil and gas from the Caspian Sea to Europe. Also, Georgia is a country that does not belong to the EU. In cooperation with the Innovation Center of the National Bank of Georgia, we will be offering a Hybrid Digital Payment Service from Georgia through joint Fiat currencies & Cryptocurrencies.

The ABEY (Advanced Blockchain for Enhanced Yields) project came to life in 2017, as a research initiative of Ciprian Pungilă, PhD. and Prof. Viorel Negru, PhD. The project’s focus was applying high performance computational models, a strong focus of our research, to the blockchain industry, with particular applications in e-commerce. Alongside our strategic partners worldwide, the research made at the ABEY Foundation has reached significant milestones over time. In addition, our token is currently actively traded on two exchanges.

DeFi Holdings is your access to the next financial revolution. Our mission is to give institutional and retail investors easy access to previously unseen returns through this newly emerged decentralized financial market. We help drive investments into decentralized finance and incubate new projects to further develop groundbreaking protocols that will continue to fundamentally reshape the global financial system.

freela is a DeFi-powered and self–governing DAO designed to act as a never before decentralized and broad platform for freelancing. It provides best experience not only for B2B (Business to Business) but also focuses the same for P2P (Peer to Peer) interaction with its intuitive user interface matching skilled freelancers for the job postings worldwide, all with a commission free transaction. It brings in a new innovative model assuring a professional mediation and thus ensures both the employer and employee, with best quality work for the former and best pay for the latter.

Reef is a smart liquidity aggregator and yield engine that enables trading with access to liquidity from both CEXes and DEXes while offering smart lending, borrowing, staking, mining through AI-driven personalized Reef Yield Engine.

Lendefi (token LDFI) is a completely decentralized finance protocol operating on smart contracts, on the Ethereum blockchain. It al – lows users to get undercollateralized secured loans for buying crypto assets. Lendefi allows secured lending and the protocol governance is via a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Borrowers select from a wide variety of supported crypto assets to invest, by borrowing funds from the Lendefi protocol.

Two Prime is the expert in digital asset and derivative strategy management. We provide institutional investors, family offices, corporate treasuries and HNWIs an intelligent investment vehicle to participate in the digital asset space. The firm was founded by Alexander S. Blum, Managing Director, and Dr. Marc Fleury (Founder/CEO of JBoss, acquired for $350MM by RedHat) to address the risk-management and portfolio hedge needs of responsible investors globally

Niko Technologies is a FinTech company that develops, rolls out and supports innovative end-to-end solutions based on blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency acceptance gateway, the first element of NT’s payment ecosystem, was released in Sep 2018 after the company received European licenses. By now a Retail POS app, a crypto-fiat wallet, Web exchanger, Arbitrage robots, Exchange app, SuperNova coin, PCI DSS Gateway, Banking app, and 8 White Labels have been developed and released by the company. All the products by Niko Tech are operational and in 2019 the company’s turnover reached EUR 55 000 000

A new currency is born in the history of currencies over thousands of years – KOC (KING OF CURRENCY). A new token (currency) that sets an appropriate price with multiple mining resources as supporting assets will be born with the following characteristics: Lock up mining resources owned by government – guaranteed / listed companies as supporting assets of token (currency) fair price. Control the number of tokens (currencies) issued for the total amount of multiple assets (resource basket) like ETFs. Holders can view the assigned assets associated with the blockchain address of the issued token (currency). That is the Multi-Resource-Oriented Currency (Resource Basket Currency).

Velas is world’s first AI-powered ecosystem for dApps, DeFi projects and smart contracts, enabling instant and free processing of transactions up to 75 000 transactions per second. It is rooted from Coinpayments. net, the world’s first and largest payment processing platform.


Jibrel is a financial technology provider domiciled in Zug, Switzerland and is a licensed financial intermediary. Jibrel is currently developing Tranche.Finance; a decentralized finance protocol that allows users to create different risk profiles from DeFi cash-flow. Users can borrow or lend funds, as well as use the loan smart con – tracts to create new assets with different payout schedules

DeFi Pie combines some of the best features of money market protocols, while offering its own unique features, enabling users to enjoy the promises of Decentralized Finance. Lenders and borrowers can lend or borrow crypto assets in a decentralized manner without passing a registration, doing a KYC and trusting a third party. Investors, traders, and speculators can offer their idle capitals as custom pools with a fixed rate for lending. Liquidity Provider can provide assets to existing pools and farm the Governance Token PIE with an annual percentage yield of up to 150%. Users can also stake PoS-based assets in existing pools to earn staking rewards according to the underlying protocols.

Ze.Fi is registered as an education and media marketing GmbH (the German equivalent of a private limited company) in Berlin, Germany, and has a team of over 30 #blockchain and #cryptocurrency enthusiasts, translators, editors, traders, and developers. For the cryptocurrency market to reach its potential and attain legitimacy in the broader financial world, it is critical that prospective market participants learn more about how crypto projects work, what tools they have at their disposal, and learn how to practice risk management.

Defi11 is the world’s first complete decentralized Fantasy Sports application. With an aim to provide users with a seamless gaming experience, Defi11 is all geared up to launch a Gaming Token powering up its trustless ecosystem.

Global Gateway Enterprise leverages on 20+ experience in running the full supply chain of financial services including funding, originating of consumer loans including personal loans, auto loans, mortgage lending and credit card. The GGE is poised to set up a digital lending platform venture in KSA in later on in US. The GGE is in advanced discussion with top rated Consulting firms in KSA to conduct Feasibility Study and ap – ply for SAMA License.

Hedget is a “Gadget for Hedging,” a platform for P2P decentralized options. The future economy will be built on cryptocurrencies, but they are very volatile and could be risky investments. Hedget is a decentralized protocol for options trading. By putting up collateral, users can create and trade different option series on chain.

Aqilliz is a technological infrastructure that enables a more connected marketing environment rooted in the pillars of unification, discovery, and engagement. Founded by a team of industry experts from the world of brands, advertising, and cutting-edge technology, Aqilliz strives to offer an independent, interoperable, and transparent technology that generates real cost savings and enables network effects, leading to greater productivity for clients.


Mass Defi is the decentralized finance protocol for the masses. With the total value locked in the DeFi ecosystem crossing $20 bn, Mass Defi is fully equipped to light up the DeFi Retail Revolution through its Network of 7+ Neo Banks with million-plus global users and a growing network of 2000+ merchant partners such as Amazon, Nike, Paytm, Macy’s, etc

SingularityDAO is a unique layer 2 noncustodial DeFi solution. A fully Decentralised Autonomous Organisation governed democratically that allows members to create, manage and trade ETF-like dynamic token-sets. Token-sets represent diversified portfolios of crypto assets, including high quality small-medium cap tokens, and enable yield farming and hedging solutions for target assets.

Drife is a decentralized ride-hailing platform which aims at empowering both the driver and rider community. The DRIFE platform has been developed with the intention of solving the current concerns in the drivers’ community, alongside enhancing the quality of rides for the customer. Our aim is to eliminate excessive transactions fees, reduce censorship (reduce interference from DRIFE side) and redistribute value back to the community.

MYHEMP.iO is a revolutionary decentralized digital ecosystem that provides blockchain solutions to the current global complex challenges faced by all farmers, manufacturers, business services, financial service providers, quality regulators and governments within the legal Hemp & Marijuana industry. Our Mission is to grant every Hemp supply chain link globally high-quality trusted Hemp products in an instant, whereby they can check agricultural origin, approval of Hemp compound testing, legal compliance, industry association verifications and anything else related to the finished consumer product.


Calling all those who want to see these exciting startups work to secure that invaluable investor’s check, both the Global Defi Congress and the Global Blockchain Congress will be available LIVE on TDeFi’s YouTube channel through this link:

Witness what The Global Blockchain Congress and the Global Defi Congress is all about: keynotes, panel discussions, and of course, the one-on-one meetings with high-end investors.
Keep an eye out for future iterations of the GBC this June!

A Little About Our Co-hosts: TDeFi

Based in the UK, TDeFi is the world’s first acceleration program dedicated to Decentralized Financing. A group of professionals and serial entrepreneurs with diverse experience in various aspects of ‘Traditional Finance’ and CryptoCurrency Projects, came together to bring order, compliance, precision, business, connections, and most importantly, ‘Real-world utility’ to this emerging industry. TDeFi has structured an intensive mentor-driven program that brings all the building blocks for a DeFi startup under one roof through the established portfolio companies of the Partners/In house group infrastructure serving the Fintech and Crypto ecosystem for over 4 years. TDeFI incubated xBTC, OroPocket, POP Network, Dfyn Network and Cashfi in its pilot cohort. TDeFI is powered by Tradedog – A Crypto investment advisory firm that provides market intelligence and analysis to the institutional and retail investors. Check out more details at and