Metaverse Academy and SAMBA launch “Metaverse Leaders Summit” on May 16, 2023

With the goal of providing relevant strategies, case studies and insights in the areas of Metaverse, NFTs and Web3, the Swiss Association of MBAs (SAMBA) and Metaverse Academy are jointly launching the “Metaverse Leaders Summit” on 16 May 2023.

Over 40 thought leaders and executives from Microsoft, Roblox, Sandbox, META, Adidas, Richemont, Breitling, HSBC, Forbes, Siemens, PwC and Roche, among others, will share their learnings and perspectives live in Zurich and virtually in the first Swiss Metaverse Metabloqs. The Summit will highlight consumer brands from various industries as well as applications in the “Industrial Metaverse”.

Switzerland is a strong technology and innovation location. The Metaverse, as the next iteration of the Internet, brings with it enormous economic opportunities to defend and expand this position. At the same time, there is a risk of missing out on the topics of Metaverse, NFTs and Web3. Possible upheavals in the market, as in the last decades through digitization in general and through eCommerce and social media in particular, must be anticipated for this.

The metaverse may be overrated as hype in the short term, but in the medium term it enables new business fields and customer experiences for established companies as well as startups and entrepreneurs. This applies to the B2C sector at least as much as to B2B in the “industrial metaverse,” which links the digital world with the real one in order to rethink concrete value creation processes.

In order to promote exchange and the development of new ecosystems in Switzerland, the leading alumni networking organization SAMBA, together with the Metaverse Academy, is launching the “Metaverse Leaders Summit” with the main topic “How leading brands and companies enter the metaverse”.

The Summit offers innovative leaders from business, marketing, innovation and consulting a comprehensive impulse and exchange. National and global thought leaders and practical experts provide strategies, case studies and insights relevant to business and marketing with a focus on real use cases:

The State and Future of the Metaverse: Which applications are already business-relevant today and which scenarios exist for the future

  • Metaverse Brand Experience & V-Commerce: How to use the Metaverse for emotional brand experiences and commerce.
  • Industrial Metaverse: How companies
    become more efficient, resilient and sustainable with digital twins
  • Branding & Loyalty: How intelligent NFT strategies turn customers into brand-loyal ambassadors

With Microsoft, Meta, Roblox, Sandbox and Metabloqs we have thought leaders from almost all relevant platforms on board” enthuses Roger Oberholzer, CEO of Metaverse Academy. “From my point of view, almost more interesting will be the insights into the strategies and experiences of global and national brands, such as Breitling, Adidas, Richemont, Lenovo, Siemens, PwC, Smile Direct or Bank Sygnum. The Summit gives insight into different industries – from retail and luxury to financial services and the machinery industry.”

The Summit’s main partners include PwC, Metabloqs and Siemens, who are driving the development of the digital and virtual world in their respective fields. In addition, four Swiss agency pioneers Kuble, Dept, THE RELEVANCE HOUSE and iUNDf Neo will show what opportunities and challenges are available today and tomorrow.

As a leading global alumni networking organization, SAMBA aims to inspire national and international leaders also in the field of Metaverse and Web3 and to develop a strong community. From Switzerland – with a global approach,” Dr. Marc-André Schauwecker, President of SAMBA and Metaverse Association and Entrepreneur, is quoted as saying. “We invite all business leaders to become part of the Metaverse community.”

Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld, Dean of the Metaverse Academy and mentioned as the “Mother of the Metaverse” by GfM, explains,

Now is a new opportunity to engage early on with an innovation that will permanently change consumer behavior and society – as we are seeing with AI right now, with an exponential surge in the development of the technology. Companies that actively engage with the metaverse and its potential can realize a new dimension of interaction and communication, and thus added value for the customer.” 

The “Metaverse Leaders Summit” will take place on May 16 in Zurich and  in the first Swiss Metaverse Metabloqs. More about the program as well as the possibility to register: .