Conversion Club is a team that has organized more than 30 meetups around the world for 3 years of existence in the traffic arbitration market. The first Conversion-conf conference will be held in Poland on April 19-20

This multi-vertical conference will bring together leading experts of the white world industry, such as Tim Burd and iAmAttila. The CIS arbitration tops will also make presentations:

  • Traffic Devils.
  • Masons Traffic.
  • Marketing group.
  • Traffic Squad.
  • Traf Braza.
  • Gagarin Partners.

At the conference will be representatives of affiliate networks, direct advertisers, traffic sources, agencies, affiliates, SEO specialists, investors, and IT gurus. 

List of our speakers: 

Conversion Conf spans 5 verticals: Finance, Nutra, Dating, iGaming, E-commerce.

20 dynamic speakers will be sharing their insightful information related to their areas of expertise. This is your chance to gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders and take your business to the next level!

  • 1500 attendees

  • 4 discussion panels

  • 1 official afterparty

When: April 19-20, 2023

Where: EXPO XXI, Warsaw, Poland


2 days more that 1500 delegates , 20 speakers from around the world, 2500 m2 of networking, more than 40 top international online marketing brands and one amazing afterparty.

Where to buy tickets: