QuickDuck.finance – Advanced Technology, Low Commissions and Integrity for Users

The QuickDuck.finance protocol works similarly to PancakeBunny, but in a new network with instant transactions and significantly lower gas fees. It is based on the most powerful Polygon (MATIC) network Yield Optimizer – QuickDuck, with an extremely effective implementation of mechanisms of the largest farming protocols: PancakeBUNNY, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, and UniSwap.

The QuickDuck aggregator with QUACK currency allows users to earn thousands of percent of the farming in 100 QuickSwap pools. After the launch on May 12, 5-10 pools will be available, then their number will gradually increase. Another great feature of the project is the complete absence of unsecured tokens in the model. The initial platform balances are created from the personal funds of the team.

Unique QuickDuck tokenomics allows farmers

 to get extra profit from first pools. A transparent financial model, minimal fees and the most advanced technologies are at the core of this aggregator’s entire economic strategy:

  • no pre-sales and pre-mining: only primary liquidity in LP;
  • no deposit commissions and zero commissions for withdrawing funds;
  • pre-mine only for primary liquidity.

You only have to pay a commission for early withdrawal (0.5%), which is charged within 72 hours and is necessary to protect against liquidity outflow.

Stake, farm and earn QUACK on QuickDuck. Visit our official social networks: Twitter, Medium, Telegram!