Smart Glass Technologies: Sanitation and Security during the Coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 is spreading between people by airborne transmission and has already mobilized the health sector around the world. Doctors, nurses, and patients need protection from viruses and bacteria that can weaken immunity and cause disease.

The WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have highlighted the importance of regular preventive disinfection. This also applies to washing hands, changing respirators, and disinfecting surfaces in closed rooms. Research shows that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for hours to days.

Germs can also accumulate on curtains and blinds, which are difficult to sterilize. To simplify this task, PriWatt SGTglobal manufactures and installs smart glass. Panels with adjustable transparency are easy to keep clean, making them a hygienic alternative to traditional hospital curtains and blinds. And several modes – from complete transparency to impermeability – make them also convenient for patients and doctors. 

With PriWatt Smart Glass, healthcare professionals can create a much cleaner environment for staff and patients. The smooth surface of the glass eliminates dangerous pathogens that can be a threat to human health.

Hospital staff can easily monitor the patient through the glass, reducing the risk of infection for colleagues and other patients. PriWatt Smart Glass Technologies are already used by medical institutions around the world.


St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London has long been regarded as a pioneer of innovative technology in the healthcare industry. Recently, it was decided by Keith Murray, the Facilities Director at St. Mary’s hospital, to implement an interior solution that helped to eliminate the risk of hospital-acquired infections while improving patient privacy. Keith’s decision was to have a series of glazed switchable glass partition screens installed at the hospital to section off clinical treatment rooms from public areas.


West Wales General Hospital is a 391-bed major acute secondary care hospital located in Carmarthen. The construction of a new three-storey theatre and endoscopy unit was recently completed at the hospital.

Studies from Ohio were cited by the hospital that identified curtains as an important source of harmful drug-resistant bacteria in healthcare facilities. In fact, in the cited studies, 43 percent of privacy curtains were contaminated with VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus) and 22 percent of them harbored MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

In line with the design brief, the new endoscopic unit was built with switchable glass panels replacing traditional curtains where possible. The result at West Wales General Hospital has been a much cleaner and safer hospital environment with minimal risk of potentially deadly infections.

The antibacterial features of PriWatt Smart Glass provide a hygienic and cost-effective alternative to not only traditional hospital curtains but also curtains in homes and offices without endangering people’s lives.

PriWatt Smart Glass Technologies  is currently developing a project for a Hospital in Toronto: North York General Hospital. And among the company’s partners, there are a number of well-known names and even government agencies.

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