Successfully Held, Indonesia Blockchain Week Binance Summit 2021 Draws 10,000 Registrants and 65,000 Views

Jakarta, 21 March 2021 – The Indonesia Blockchain Week X Binance Summit 2021 was successfully held on Saturday (20/3), witnessed by more than 6,000 virtual participants, 65,000 views on Youtube, supported by more than 40 partners, 15 media partners and presenting more than 15 local and foreign speakers. Taking place from 10 am to 4 pm, this webinar is not only for Indonesian people yet it can be watched by the people from all over the world as well. The IBW X Binance Summit 2021 was held with the aim of introducing the public and exploring the use of the ecosystem and the advantages of Binance Smart Chain technology which is more focus about CeFi and DeFi.

At the beginning of the online summit session, Pang Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto announced Tokocrypto‘s achievements until Q1 2021. The recording of daily transaction volume is more than 25 million USD, registered users are more than 300,0000, weekly active traders reach 50,000 users, and mobile apps download, Since the first launched in October 2020 it has hit 200,000 at the end of last week. Likewise with the community growth which experienced a 200% growth from the end of 2020 to Q1 2021 and as of today; the total of community is 176,000 and the total of follower in twitter account reaches 154,000.

T.K Harmanda or who is familiarly called Manda, COO of Tokocrypto, said that the ease of use and the ever-growing ecosystem made the adoption of Binance Smart Chain grow very rapidly around the world.

“Indonesia itself is the top country in Southeast Asia and the fifth largest in the world to adopt this blockchain protocol. Realizing its potential, Binance Smart Chain officially partners with Tokocrypto to grow and develop this ecosystem in Indonesia, especially in the CeFi and DeFi areas,” said Manda.

The IBW X Binance Summit 2021 presenting the CZ CEO Binance, Janet Weng from ForTube, Daryl Hok from CertiK, Veronica Wong from SafePal as speakers. Not only containing debates and questions and answers, yet this webinar also announced the winners of the NFT design competition which is held by Tokocrypto a week before the event. The three winners of this competition each get 5,000 TKO, 3,000 TKO and 2,000 TKO.

The Token Shop (TKO) itself is the first local crypto asset project in Indonesia built on the Binance Smart Chain. TKO offers a unique hybrid token model with utility as a token for the exchange platform, NFT Marketplace, CeFi and DeFi.

“TKO is one of the solutions to current banking problems, which aims to create a decentralized financial system, namely a transparent peer-to-peer financial system.” With a vision to spread financial freedom to all, Binance continues to support Tokocrypto, Indonesia’s fastest growing crypto asset trading platform, to increase blockchain adoption and drive penetration of the Binance Smart Chain application in the country,” concluded by Kai.

Indonesia Blockchain Week X Binance Summit 2021 can be watched on the Tokorypto Youtube channel at: