The company aims to hold one of the world’s largest “Gaming” and “Blockchain” events in Zaragoza in July, fostering synergies with companies from Aragon, Spain, and the rest of the world.

“Open Game Builders” has arrived in Aragon to enhance the possibilities of Blockchain technology and Gaming, with the aim of boosting business opportunities in companies of all sizes through innovation and cutting-edge technology (AI, VR, AR, XR, Big data, etc.) in an accessible way and through the multiple development of state-of-the-art technology.

The Company, which intends to establish its base of operations in Aragon, but also has a presence in Spain and several other countries worldwide, aims to establish synergies with local companies and drive opportunities for the economy and employment in the region, starting with 20 direct job positions initially.

In line with this, the company, which will begin to establish itself in the coming weeks, is organizing the world’s largest event in Zaragoza to connect the Gaming and Blockchain sectors, which will feature technology and Gaming experts from several continents. They will gather to discuss the latest trends and developments in these two industries. The idea behind the event is to explore how Blockchain technology can be used to improve the gaming experience and create new opportunities for game technology developers. The event will include major industry leaders, including Evandro Oliveira. COO at Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmed Al Maktoum; Mario Nawfal. CEO IBC group; Mauro Blanco CEO Open Games Builders; Oliver von Wolff CEO Helion Ventures, as well as representatives from Public Administration and leading companies in the sector. It is also worth noting the confirmation of major brands and sponsors of the event, such as “Fantom Foundation,” “Helion Ventures,” “Ammag Tech,” “Blockchain Founders Fund,” and many others coming from different parts of the globe.

Arturo Aliaga, vice president of the Government of Aragon, met with the company representatives and highlighted that “the arrival of this type of company and the willingness to seek synergies with those already established is undoubtedly a clear commitment to the green and digital Aragon being bet on, which is also possible thanks to the good work that companies in the sector are doing in Aragon.”

On the other hand, Mauro Blanco, CEO of Open Games Builders, thanked, along with his colleague Jonatan Val, “the support received from the Government of Aragon from the outset” and expressed their willingness to attract quality employment, work synergies with local companies, and promote one of the “largest Blockchain and Gaming events in the world” in July, with the aim of enhancing relationships in the Industry and adjacent technologies,” he concluded.

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