The BitcoinVALUE Challenge! Is it possible to rebuild Bitcoin?

The “BitcoinVALUE” will have a major update in 2022.

Generation of BitcoinVALUE genesis block started at 1:15 pm NY time on January 3, the same birthday as Bitcoin.
With the issuance of BitcoinVALUE, ValueProject has released a new worldwide application, Wallet, exclusively for BitcoinVALUE:
BitcoinVALUE Wallet <>

■ What is BitcoinVALUE?

BitcoinVALUE is a reconstructed coin with the same algorithm (POW) and issuance limit as Bitcoin in 21 million units.

BitcoinVALUE is a reconstructed coin with the same algorithm (POW) and issuance limit as Bitcoin in 21 million units.

As with the original Bitcoin, the supply cannot be manipulated or changed.
This is a major difference from crypto assets with variable supply, such as Ethereum and Ripple, and from other legal tender, and is also said to be a major advantage because it is politically “neutral.

Bitcoin is a financial protocol that is not affected by the attributes of its owner and can be used for payments to anyone, and that even though the principles are the same, there are significant differences between Bitcoin and other crypto assets in the distribution of hash rates and activity on the network, and above all, the fact that it is a blockchain that is operated by a company. One area where it is superior to blockchains is that it cannot be targeted by politicians.

■ The World BitcoinVALUE Aims to Create

BitcoinVALUE has released its mining hash globally on January 23, 2022, in order to take the same social status as the original Bitcoin.

This will increase the possibility of BitcoinVALUE being used as a legal tender and for various financial services around the world, and it is expected to become a second Bitcoin that can be used neutrally by everyone due to its decentralization.

■ How the world would change by BitcoinVALUE

An economy centered on BitcoinVALUE will be born.

In the world of crypto assets, Bitcoin continues to hold the number one position in market capitalization and is the representative of crypto assets. However, in reality, Bitcoin has started to move away from the market.

The reason is that the world of crypto assets has become fragmented, and a blockchain industry has emerged that is not linked to bitcoin at all.
In the future, each crypto-asset industry will have its own representative stock, like Bitcoin, to represent that industry.

The success of BitcoinVALUE will accelerate the establishment of each market.
We will continue to follow the progress of BitcoinVALUE.