The Blockchain Wave conference was held for the first time in the Metavibes metaverse

The traditional Turkish crypto conference Blockchain Wave was again held in Antalya on May 18 with the support of Gear Technologies. The main innovation was the opportunity to participate also in the Metavibes metaverse, where guests could visit a virtual exhibition of booths and watch speakers perform on stage thanks to a special 360-degree camera. Offline in the garden on the Mediterranean Sea, the event gathered about 450 people and the same number of participants were virtual in Metavibes, so the event was scaled through new technical solutions.

Sergey Khitrov, Nikolai Wolf and Vitaly Bodnar spoke from the top Russian-speaking speakers, and Turgut Haspolat, Mehmet Turkarslan and Emrah Kozan from the local Turkish speakers. Blockchain Wave 3.0 was mainly about web 3.0, the presentations were on the topics of metaverses, cross-chains and NFTs.
“The main feature of our conference is the open-air lounge format in the garden by the sea,” says organizer Alexei Nasybullin. This is conducive to networking, communication, dating and negotiations in an informal setting without unnecessary officialdom. Fortunately, the climate and relaxing atmosphere of the Mediterranean provide such great opportunities.”

There were 15 stands at the conference exhibition, some projects agreed on collaboration, while others attracted investments.

Conference video:
Videos of the speakers’ reports will soon appear in the Telegram group of the conference:
360° video of the entire conference is available at