What can we expect from the Conference.Exchanges?

Despite being named the worst year, 2020 has brought many positive changes to the cryptocurrency world. The main one of which can definitely be called a colossal growth of DeFi or decentralized finance. This trend has captivated not only crypto enthusiasts but also those who previously shunned the industry. The idea of ​​the absence of intermediaries in financial transactions created such a sensation that DeFi products, exchanges, and tokens began to enter the market one after another. This is not surprising, since many experts believe that DeFi has every chance to completely replace traditional banking services.

The organizers of the unique Conference.Exchanges, which this time will be mainly devoted to DeFi, could not pass by this. The event will be held for the third time on March 5, 2021, online, although before guests and speakers had a chance to visit Singapore (2019) and Amsterdam (2020) for face-to-face sessions. The mission of the conference is to gather as many talented and successful minds of the crypto and blockchain industry as possible to discuss plans and expectations for 2021, the development of the DeFi market, the specifics of DEX and CEX, AMM, fraud, and security issues, regulation and much more.

Representatives of the best DeFi projects and the most coveted speakers at all industry events will take part in the discussions. It is known that among them will be Sergej Kunz, co-founder, and CEO of one of the leading DeFi platforms 1inch, Josh Goodbody, Director for Growth and Institutional Business at Binance, Deniz Omer, Head of Ecosystem Growth at Kyber.Network and many others. The exact topics for panel discussions have not been disclosed at the moment, but with such an impressive list of speakers no doubt it’ll be both educational and entertaining. For instance, Guilherme Jovanovic, CBDO of the leading fiat-to-crypto exchange Indacoin and a top-notch specialist in cryptocurrency investments, has also confirmed his participation in the conference as a DeFi panel moderator. Any public forum hugely relies on its participants and Conference.Exchanges made an outstanding job bringing the best minds in the industry together.

The field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies is an ever-changing organism. The conference brings together both industry leaders and those who have just begun their immersion in the world of blockchain technologies. In two years, Conference.Exchanges has become a point of attraction for those who want to be the first to learn and understand the latest industry trends. Despite the fact that the conference is held in an unusual online format, the organizers promise interesting discussions and high-quality networking.