Be cautious with HubbleBIT — SCAM

HubbleBIT is an anonymous website allegedly operated from Switzerland. Clients were promised next-generation banking, decentralized finance, and competitive spreads. Instead, they got to deal with a scammer and beg for their funds back. After the domain was off, numerous people could not access their trading accounts and money. There’s a big if for these people – if they will ever see a penny back.

The scam continued under the new domain after the Swiss FINMA blacklisted the first one.

It was reported that the name of Anna Tutova was illegally and without authorization used by Hubblebit scammers to defraud investors. 

Particularly following WhatsApp numbers were used: +44 7452 116768, +44 7897 052422

We inform you that Anna Tutova has never been connected to Hubblebit and is not connected to any companies, which are not mentioned on her LinkedIn and other public social media profiles. 

Make your due diligence and check all appropriate licenses and legitimacy of the companies, when you decided to use this or that platform for investment.

Unlicensed brokers are not safe. Simply speaking, these websites can quickly disappear, as the case with HubbleBIT and leave clients with no money. Since the firm was never licensed, there’s no compensation fund, and there’s nobody who would take responsibility and reimburse victims.

HubbleBIT is not a legitimate online Forex and CFD trading provider. The company shut down the domain after defrauding numerous customers. Brokerage is banned in Switzerland and UK.

The broker claims to be Swiss-based, so the regulator of this country issued an official warning. According to FINMA, HubbleBIT has never entered a commercial register. It means that the company owner is not a registered business, and the broker itself is not regulated. And that’s why stealing funds was so easy.