Be cautious with Maven Interactive and Coiniswap — SCAM

Maven Interactive and Coiniswap have been advertised as a reliable and secure forex trading company, but Maven Interactive reviews have revealed that these company is anything but not trustworthy. Companies claim to make people rich quickly by trading foreign currencies, but recent victims of their scam have proved otherwise. They have tricked thousands of unsuspecting people into investing in Foreign Currency without any real knowledge or experience in trading and inevitably leaving them out of pocket.

The fact that Maven Interactive and Coiniswap continue to operate unchecked is an insult to those whose hard-earned money they have taken and a reminder that we should all be wary of online offers that appear too good to be true.

But they are quickly building a troubling reputation online as reports of their scammer-like activities have been surfacing more frequently on Review sites. People who have used their services to invest in foreign exchange have often found themselves dealing with high fees, lack of customer care and other suspicious behaviors.

It was reported that the name of Anna Tutova was illegally and without authorization used by Maven Interactive and Coiniswap scammers to defraud investors. 

We inform you that Anna Tutova has never been connected to Maven Interactive and and Coiniswap and is not connected to any companies, which are not mentioned on her LinkedIn and other public social media profiles. 

Make your due diligence and check all appropriate licenses and legitimacy of the companies, when you decided to use this or that platform for investment.