The revolutionary combination of gaming, NFT, art, 3D modeling and blockchain

The IT technology market can be called a driver for the development of the modern world. This is where all those novelties are born that improve and change the life experience of millions of people. Technological and software innovations are actively developing in all directions and significantly modernize business, entertainment, and management. Even Elon Musk is convinced that modern business is primarily about innovation, and only then about the product.

Interesting and amazing projects are often born at the intersection of completely different, far from each other spheres. This is how Metahero came about, a growing IT startup, that we will talk about today.

Metahero combines 3D scanning and modeling technology with the NFT smart contracts to enable the creation of unique, ultra-HD meta avatars and meta-objects that can exist forever on the blockchain. The next-gen technology creates ultra-HD 3D scans that can be used across social media, games, VR platforms, as well as in art, fashion, online shopping, science, medicine, education, and engineering. Why is this interesting? It’s all about the prospects of this direction.

Emerging market

Metaverse is experimenting with augmented, virtual, and enhanced reality online and in games. The development of these areas in the Internet and games will develop more and more in the near future, experts say. And this will have a profound effect on our daily life.

The metaverse-related markets, although still ill-defined, have been growing and are predicted to increase exponentially in coming years. The in-game items market alone is currently worth $50B, while the AR/VR markets are estimated at $30.7B and predicted to grow to $297B by 2024.

The Metaverse has also been adopting various blockchain technologies and building blockchain-based decentralized worlds like Decentraland and Axie infinity. The use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies allows games and virtual platforms to provide revenue to their makers, gamers, and builders through in-game economies, smart staking, trading, and holding metaverse assets.

MetaHero features

Metahero is a new business venture from the creators of Codewise, a team with 10+ years of experience building and scaling technology startups from seed investment to multi-million businesses on the Financial Times and Deloitte top lists. The Metahero project was launched on June 21, 2021, along with a public pre-sale of the internal HERO token through the Tenset Gems platform.

Metahero plans to tap into the gaming and metaverse markets through proprietary 3D technology and mobile 3D scanning units that can be used and transported all around the world. The project also incorporates a cryptocurrency token economy to provide users, gamers, artists, and builders with new revenue sources to incentivize building and trading on the Metahero platform.

The team aims to create useful and enticing tools and products to make it easier to adopt cryptocurrencies and on-ramp into Metahero and DeFi (Decentralized Finance). All products and services on the Metahero platforms will use the native HERO token.

HERO Token

The issue of the HERO token on the Binance Smart Chain reaches 10 billion coins. The tokens will use a new deflationary economy that includes built-in burn mechanisms to reduce the total supply of tokens over time.

Some features of the HERO token include:

  • Deflation — HERO is a deflationary token with a 5% fee added to every transaction
  • Smart Staking — 1% of each transaction is proportionally distributed among all holders as a passive reward.
  • Burn — 1% of each transaction is forever burned, ensuring an ever-decreasing supply of HERO.
  • Automatic and Locked Liquidity — 3% of each transaction is automatically added to liquidity on Pancakeswap v2. The liquidity is permanently locked, except for the buyback & burn function that can release part of the liquidity to burn it.
  • Buyback & Burn — It is initiated when total liquidity (on Pancakeswap) exceeds $10M.
  • Utility — The HERO is used for all transactions within the Metahero Ecosystem, payments, transaction fees, royalties, 3D NFT Marketplace, and franchise royalties.

Soon there will be a great opportunity to join the project, because the planned IDO will take place on July 5, 2021! Following the public presale on Tenset Gems Platform, July 5th, the HERO token will be released via Pancakeswap v2.