FinTech Connector successfully completed Business Networking Lunch Cruise in the picturesque city of Zurich

Thanks to the efforts of Fabian P. Lehner , Lloyd’s & Partners AG and Visa, FinTech Connector successfully completed a fourth business lunch cruise and the VIP dinner.

This time they picked Zurich, one of the most picturesque cities on our planet. Switzerland is where traditional finance, the old world, DeFi, and innovative technologies meet.

FinTech Connector’s event hosted international and Swiss members who had the opportunity to spend two days together. The atmosphere of a cruise ship and the incredible scenery contributed to the establishment of contacts, cooperation, and development of innovations in the financial services industry.

The event started on Thursday with company visits and meetings at the  House of Satoshi, F10 Incubator & Accelerator, Bitcoin Suisse AG, and a personal meeting with Martin Eisenring to discuss the legal and business environment in Crypto Valley.

After that, the cruise participants went for a VIP dinner at the historical place Zunfthaus zur Schmiden, built in 1336. Nowadays, this location is one of the best for private events in Zurich.

On Friday, the company welcomed 65 guests aboard the M/S Albis, and it was a great day for a cruise on Lake Zurich.

Guests had champagne and toast and listened to words from sponsors on the top deck. Then they moved to the dining room for a 3-course lunch with local wines, meeting and learning about fintech companies based in Switzerland. After the cruise, guests continued to chat while enjoying an amazing evening in Zurich.

What’s the Goal of the Business Lunch Cruise?

This event is a unique opportunity to establish targeted business relationships in a relaxed atmosphere that opens up opportunities for cooperation and advancement. It is how the FinTech Connector sees the world of fintech.

Partners sponsoring the event:

Community Partners 10 countries who network with the Swiss financial services and fintech community:

Antonia S., Kenneth Carl Ramos, Shmuel (Shmulik) Ben-Tovim, Shaul Lifshitz, Elena Kozhemyakina, Mario Cohen, Angel Lorente, Varsenia Stoyanova, Aleksandra Ossowska, Jarek Sarwa

And more importantly, the Master Connector and Master of Ceremonies Fabian P. Lehner, for his commitment and tireless effort to make this event a huge success.

FinTech Connector is already planning the next business cruise with lunch and a VIP dinner in Switzerland in 2023 and welcomes new participants on board!