Greet DeFi Yield Protocol

The DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) is a platform offering solutions for yield farming, staking, NFTs, and allowing users to leverage the advanced trading tools of the DYP.

What is so special about DYP? The DYP is the first and only protocol to reward users in Ethereum in the DeFi landscape. The protocol uses an anti-manipulation function that limits the market impact on users’ converting rewards into ETH and other native platform tokens.

This feature helps maintain stability, fair access to liquidity for all users and enables a secure and user-friendly DeFi platform.

The DYP’s core feature is the decentralized tool dashboard that provides advanced features like Decentralized Score, Unique Community Trust Vote System, DYP Locker, Yield Farm Data, and LaunchPad, which helps investors to make a proper strategy, maximize yields, and lower risks.

DeFi Yield Protocol is an open-source ecosystem that offers unique tools for yield farming and staking. DYP tools provide safety for the DeFi community and allows for completely decentralized data processing.

The project’s nearest plans

Q1/2022 – Q2/2022

  • Launch DYP tools multi-chain for KyberDMM protocol
  • Launch DYP Launchpad with DYP tools safety features integrated on Polygon
  • Launch NFTs new collection on Polygon
  • Release new UI design and new logo for website
  • Incorporation of a Legal Entity for upcoming regulation for decentralized finance
  • Expanding our products to other chains
  • Integration with different staking/farming/lending protocols
  • Launch DYP Borrow & Lending
  • Launch DYP App for iOS and Android

Q3/2022 – Q4/2022

  • Migration from Uniswap
  • Launch multi-chain DEX with farming, staking, lending & borrowing, and other products integrated
  • Built-in insurance for all DYP liquidity providers
  • Metaverse research and launch of different products
  • DeFi research for retail banking integration
  • DeFi analysis and integration for spending interests via debit cards
  • Listing DYP in other exchanges
  • Further extension and project development

DYP Contract Address: 0x961C8c0B1aaD0c0b10a51FeF6a867E3091BCef17

Initial Circulating Supply: 17 595 355.00 DYP

As of this moment, over $37 million were deposited into these new pools in less than 48 hours after the launch. In less than one year, we paid 9017 ETH, 7774 BNB, and 15663 AVAX worth $45,558,038 to our users! It’s only the beginning.

Website: DeFi Yield Protocol (