News Digest 03.22.2024

Hello to all our subscribers and casual viewers. Today’s episode brings you breaking news from the world of cryptocurrencies that will pique every digital enthusiast’s interest. Get ready for an engaging and, at times, even fun journey. Let’s dive in!

Global Outflow from Spot Bitcoin ETFs. The cryptocurrency market has recently been in the spotlight not only due to its volatility but also because of a significant outflow of funds from spot Bitcoin ETFs, sparking active discussions among investors and analysts. This can be described as a big event, with almost $94 million withdrawn in just one day. Interestingly, this outflow has been observed for four days in a row, suggesting the start of a new trend or a fundamental shift in market sentiment. Among all funds, Grayscale Investments’ GBTC stands out as the “main character” of this story, having reduced its assets by an astronomical $1.8 billion. This event can be interpreted as an attempt at “cleansing” or rethinking strategy under current market conditions. Meanwhile, the crypto fund iShares Bitcoin Trust by BlackRock showed a contrary trend, increasing its capital by an impressive $233.45 million, which allowed it to take a leading position among similar financial instruments. Such fluctuations in the market vividly demonstrate its unpredictability and the variety of asset management strategies among major players.

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer’s Valid Criticism of the SEC. The Chief Legal Officer of Coinbase decided to sharply criticize the Securities and Exchange Commission. His statement generated wide resonance, as he claims that the SEC has “no valid reasons” to deny the launch of an Ethereum-ETF. This comment has become a real challenge to the regulator, highlighting Coinbase’s confidence in their stance and intention to seek approval for launching new financial products based on cryptocurrencies. The current situation between Coinbase and the SEC resembles the beginning of “complicated relations,” where each party aims to defend its interests. This has sparked interest among the public and market professionals, as the outcome of this battle could determine the fate of the American cryptocurrency market.

TON Foundation’s Charitable Initiative: $115 Million in Extended Support. The cryptocurrency market isn’t just about financial highs and lows; it also includes significant charitable initiatives aimed at developing and supporting communities. A prime example of such an approach is the decision by the TON Foundation, a crypto organization striving to contribute to the development of blockchain technologies and the cryptocurrency space as a whole. They announced the launch of The Open League initiative, which involves distributing 30 million Toncoin tokens. With the current exchange rate, this exceeds $115 million. The goal is not just to distribute funds but to stimulate activity and involvement in the TON ecosystem, rewarding those who contribute the most to its development. TON Foundation representatives emphasize that such actions are aimed at strengthening public trust and interest in the project, as well as attracting new participants. The campaign is starting on April 1st. This reflects their commitment to the long-term development of the project and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

MicroStrategy’s Unwavering Strategy in Accumulating Bitcoin. MicroStrategy, an American company specializing in software development and consulting services in business analytics, continues to show its commitment to investing in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. They’ve reached an impressive milestone, owning more than 1% of the entire global supply of Bitcoin, which today amounts to 212,246 BTC. MicroStrategy’s strategy arouses interest and admiration among investors and analysts. Their decision to allocate significant resources to accumulate Bitcoin reflects confidence in the long-term potential of this cryptocurrency as “digital gold.” This approach undoubtedly entails certain risks, given the market’s volatility, but it also opens up huge opportunities in the event of a continued increase in Bitcoin’s value. As the public and investors await further moves from MicroStrategy, the company continues to strengthen its position in the crypto market. Led by Michael Saylor, the organization not only invests in Bitcoin but also actively promotes it as a reliable financial instrument among the business community and investors. Their strategy is based on a long-term view of cryptocurrency as an asset capable of hedging against inflationary trends and serving as a reliable store of value.

Bernstein: Bitcoin – Bullish Forecast. And finally, icing on the cryptocurrency cake – analysts from Bernstein have made a bold assumption that Bitcoin could reach $90,000 by the end of the year. Moreover, according to experts, the anticipated halving, which has been talked about for months, is not expected to cause a big shock to mining companies. On the contrary, the bullish sentiment in the market and the inflow of funds into spot Bitcoin ETFs should support this upward trend. Well, let’s just hope that the experts’ forecasts come true, and by the end of the year, we will all be celebrating new heights.


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