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Smart Investing with Stips (STIPS) Fintech – Review

All-in-one-place – this is the main goal of Stips decentralized crypto-finance platform. The platform will provide, from one side – the community with complete, relevant, and unbiased information on each asset and the teams behind them. From the other side, it enables teams to publish current information on activities.


Stips Fintech project brings solution to sharp market problems such as the lack of full-stack solutions for crypto asset management and structured information on actual situation in blockchain projects. As well as tools for deep fundamental analysis of projects, especially when projects are not developed in accordance with goals. The project team make this solution through building the complete decentralized platform on which the community get access to information about assets. It is supposed that the community would be motivated to conduct research and update the information on assets and teams behind them. It is stated that token teams will support the platform development by publishing their original actual information in one place “with no need to use dozens of different communication channels”. Important that the team promises to create an algorithmic fund on the basis of deep fundamental analysis – smth like BI analytics quantify processing for a business to arrive at optimal decisions, and to perform business knowledge discovery.


According to the Roadmap and moving step-by-step towards their goals, Stips Fintech team develops three main products.

  1. STIPS20Index – professional cryptocurrency index that can be used by players. It includes TOP-20 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Tether, Cardano, Monero, Dash, IOTA, TRON, NEO, Ethereum, Classic, Binance, Coin, NEM, VeChain, OmiseGO, Qtum.
  2. STIPS|20Fund – open tokenized index fund – “First index cryptocurrency Fund”. The Fund’s strategy is to follow the cryptocurrency index Stips20. By purchasing a Fund token, the investor receives a diversified portfolio, minimizing risks and yield comparable to the market.
  3. STIPS| Oculus – this is exactly the decentralized trading, analytics and management platform. Oculus means an eye – an eye that track the market for highly efficient investing.Both 20Index and 20Fund are launched already in accordance with Roadmap. And the team means main MVP is STIPS| Oculus – “easy-to-use, functional platform to get together all players”. And STIPS|SmartFund – “decentralized solution for investments”. It’s stated that important for investors not to have analytical tools, but tools to transfer assets for management with choice of algorithm /fund /trader. Oculus will be presented soon – in Q4 2018.
    And the forth product is the part of Oculus – STIPS| SmartFund, decentralized solution for investments. It is focused on smart-investing and gives users access to the information to make informed decisions about crypto assets.

It is stated that “after launching key elements of the Oculus platform, the system will be able to evaluate each token according to the analysis of the collected information”. At this stage, the fund will be transferred from the standard index fund to the Smart Fund, which will distribute assets among tokens, based on the analyzed information array (ML – machine-learning). The open platform means connection of third-party funds with the platform.


STIPS token is a utility-token built on the EOS blockchain. Tokens are continuously traded in the system, and users can spend tokens inside the ecosystem and receive them for their support in project development. The most important function of the token is stimulation. In Oculus the token will be used as payment for the monthly subscription, which provides access to the platform’s full functionality. Active platform users collect a payment in the form of STIPS tokens for providing information to the platform.

There are 2 scenarios in STIPS tokenomics – funds raised in accordance with Hard Cap and Soft Cap. In the 8th quarter of the project’s operation, STIPS token turnover on the STIPS Oculus platform will be 105% of the total volume of token emission in the optimistic scenario and 58% in the worst-case scenario.

Tokens will be generated in accordance with Balance of the incoming and outgoing STIPS tokens flows. Incoming STIPS tokens flow is generated by user subscription payments for access to the platform’s expanded functionality. Outgoing STIPS tokens flow is payment to users for providing valid information to the platform. 10% of all incoming STIPS tokens flow (platform fee, funds fees) will be accumulated and burned quarterly until 30% of all issued STIPS tokens are burnt.

TGE date September 2018 – January 2019
Ticker STIPS
Number of issued tokens 242,367,507 STIPS
Token architecture EOS
Number of tokens available for sale at the ICO 146,151,260.50 STIPS (60%)
Raised on private sale $1.4 mln.
STIPS token price Stage I ($1.4 mln-$4.4 mln.) – $0.07
Stage II ($4.4 mln-$7.4 mln.) – $0.085
Stage III ($7.4 mln-$11.4 mln.) – $0.10
Payments accepted USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS
Tokentype UTILITY-token
SOFT CAP $4,400,000
HARD CAP $11,400,000


The project is registered in UK. But the team is mostly Russian. Leading officers have an impressive experience in asset management, while worked in ATON – the oldest independent investment group in Russia that has been active in financial markets since 1991. CEO Dmitry Kotegov has Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certificate, demonstrating a mastery of core foundational principals of the investment profession. Core officers are from Yekaterinburg(ex-Sverdlovsk) – big industrial, financial and scientific center, the capital of Russian Ural Region.

Advisors have experience in the Chinese market. Khuan TCZY-BAI from Daxing District, Beijing – is Blockchain Asia Expert. Jeff Frey is Blockchain Expert with experience of Executive Director Asia at Alethena, the first Swiss Blockchain-Asset Rating Agency.


The team has optimistic but rational Roadmap, with consecutive launch of all components of the platform.


List of partners includes some big names. And it is announced about negotiating with IBM.



The project is initiated by a team with experience in asset management. The authors know what they want and how to achieve it. Strengths – an experienced team, a well-developed tokenomics, rational Roadmap, a clear compliance of developing with the Roadmap, an open platform with the ability to connect third-party competencies and their motivation with the help of tokenomics. The list of main partners also speaks in favor of the project. Although the reference to negotiations with IBM may leave the impression that the team still needs partner support. The project appears in time and the authors take into account the realities of crypto market. Right now, there is a need for analytical tools for more reliable investment. And on the other hand – project teams get the opportunity to post on the platform information about themselves and not worry about whether it will get into the eyes of the target audience. Today there are a lot of sites – ICO aggregators with no defined audience.

The platform gives the impression of a viable and relevant tool for crypto today and tomorrow. And the STIPS token may show solid rise after the listing.