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Airdrop of the week: Plasmapay (PBK)

Don’t you mind extra $ 5? Then make a couple of clicks and get them.

PlasmaPay platform distributes its PBK tokens from a 55 M PBK pool ($ 1.1 M)! Everyone can get a minimum of 250 PBK ($5). And the maximum is not limited (with referral program): 250 PBK for each referral.

PlasmaPay is a decentralized global payment system that supports 35 stable currencies, tokenized assets and decentralized financial services. PlasmaPay has its own (beautiful!) wallet on PlasmaDLT ( blockchain, designed specifically for decentralized finance, payments and money transfers. And PBK (ERC-20) is utility token for supporting API of the financial platform and developers who create dApps on the platform.

The PlasmaPay platform is already running and integrating with the 20 largest banks and payment systems to support cost-effective payments and remittances in 150 countries. Getting airdrop tokens is easier than in many other cases.


Tokens will be sent on August 2019.