A Cryptoparty will be held in Moscow on March 14

Friends, let’s meet at the CRYPTOPARTY.CLUB in Moscow on 14 March – it will be a powerful networking in an informal atmosphere and for the first time – CRYPTO STAND UP without censorship from the most famous persons of Russia’s crypto-world: Anatoly Radchenko (United Traders), Oleg Ivanov (CryptoBazar), Boris Akimov (Biocoin/LavkaLavka), Ruslan Tugushev (Storiqa, Tugush), Olga Dvoretskaya (CryptoShark), Artem Popov and Alik Arslanov(Buffett’s $10), Artem Prokofiev (Altstake), Vlogchain (Serge and Ivan), George Galoyan (ICOSTARTUPS), Philip Mironovich (Robomed), Lashkov Evgeny (Miner), Denis Kozminyh (Bazaar VP), Sergey Sevancyan (IBW, MBA), Dmitry Chirkin (WSD), Pavel Salas (Tokenbox) and many others will be there.

Cryptoparty host: Lev Shahinyan!
Moderator: Sergey Sevancyan, blockchain specialist.

There will be beautiful girls in love with blockchain at the party. And Miss Cryptoparty contest will be held there!
The Cryptoparty will be held in Chateau De Fantomas, a chic club in the center of Moscow.

There will be crypto investors, hodlers, crypto enthusiasts, CEO, founders, blockchain specialists, crypto traders, miners and crypto ladies at the Cryptoparty.

Group: @cryptopartyclub
You can book tickets here: CRYPTOPARTY.CLUB
Promotional code for an additional discount -20% COINSTELEGRAM

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