Breaking news! Behind the scenes SEC conducted hearings across the ICO capital amnesty

At the hearings of US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) theissue of legitimacy recognition of ICO that has been already conducted is being informally discussed, even in the case of some ICO tokens to be recognized as securities, – reports Coinstelegram source.

It’s well-known that citizens of the US and China are prohibited to participate in tokensales of the most projects that concern to get claims from regulators, specifically from SEC. Therefore, many market insiders have concerns for the future of blockchain companies that have already conducted ICO.

In case of capital amnesty to be held the citizens of the United States who participated in ICO cutting corners will not be punished so as the ICO companies themselves, who violated the regulator requirements and could have traded the unregistered securities. Also in this case, tokens registration and exit to the exchange will be carried out in louver-damper manner.

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