Coin of the day – USDT

Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency with reference to fiat currencies that is issued by Tether Limited Company.

Using the technology of Blockchain, Tether allows the users to keep, send and receive digital tokens pegged to dollars, euros and yens.

Tether uses blockchain via the Omni Layer protocol. The Omni Layer protocol is the software with an open source code that interacts with blockchain, ensuring the release and redemption of crypto currency token on the basis of Bitcoin.

Tether currencies are 100% supported by the actual currency actives on a reserve account of the Tether platform. The crypto currency can be bought or exchanged for fiat currencies in accordance with the service terms of Tether Limited.

USDT token price $1 USD (0,23%)

Market Cap $2 225 432 920 USD

Volume (24h) $3 096 300 000 USD

Circulating Supply 2 217 140 814 USDT

Total Supply 2 280 109 970 USDT

Recommendation – buy below 0,00010288 BTC ($1 USD). Long-term investment. 2018 year target price — up to $3 USD.

Disclaimer: All information about coins is not investment advice.

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