Technical analysis. Review of notable events for April 2-3, 2018.

Technical analysis ( is a formal tool, well proven in the Forex market. Under conditions of uncertainty and high volatility, TA can suggest successful tactics in respect of crypto-currencies.

Pieces of luck:

  1. STORJ reached the price of 0.00013789 BTC and brings 50% of the profit.


  1. POE has reached the price of 4030 satoshi and carries 15% of profit in less than 12 hours.


  1. BNB has provided more than 70% of profits since March 22



“Awesome” last 30 days (see) There is reason to believe that we have passed more than half of the “red path”.



  1. The SUB / BTC pair is now a good time to buy, the tool pushed away from support. BTC also allows this. A wave is formed, and an ascending zigzag is expected.

 sub32. Buy TRIG on the Binance exchange at the price of 11,200 satoshi. Sales prices: 12200, 13100, 14200, 14900. Stop loss: 10000.

  1. Strat – purchase in the range of 510 -515 (if breaking off from a possible trend line. Sale 550, 580. It is possible to leave 30% for a long line.
  2. ZCL / BTC: the tool forms a triangle, also form the final wave station. Enter only when the resistance line of the triangle is broken 0.00067500 The rest movement is a short.
  3. BTC / USD: the correction stage has come to an end, there are premises for growth. Ahead is a strong 7400 level, an adjustment is possible within the mini-wave. Expected to grow to 8000 within the wave impulse. The previous correction to 6000 did not reach, played higher with 6400. Now it’s important to break through 7500 and gain a foothold on this shelf for leaving to 8000 and higher. Do not forget about Stop losses. Alts will grow during the local turn of the BTC.

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