A Coinstelegram representative verified Beeminer data: Сonfirmed

The Beeminer Group company produces installations for immersion cryptocurrency mining. The company has repeatedly reported Coinstelegram about its results. Some of them are really surprising. Therefore, CMO Coinstelegram Alexander Belov (aka Alex White) visited the Beeminer Group testing center and saw everything with his own eyes.

The new Hive 3 installation for three Antminer S17 miners is a “kitchen version” for mining right at home. The compact installation is reliable and safe, does not make noise and does not disturb inhabitants of any house. According to Beeminer Group representatives, “it will level up your home mining”.

At the same time, the installation is generating a stable and tangible income. During testing, very impressive results were confirmed. Hive 3 clearly informs about the consumed electricity. Antminer S17 Pro consumes 1730 watts, total 3.5 kW. The hash rate is 75 TH / s. Antminer S17 standard consumes 1500 watts, total 3 kW, with a hash rate of 65 TH / s. This is very impressive results, but Beeminer promises to further improve the performance of the Hive 3 and more powerful installations.

It seems kitchen mining is still not over!

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