Agile in Cryptotrading

Awesome events on the cryptomarket shook everyone. And the main question is when will it take off? But it is among those who feel the market, follow the trends and read the Coinstelegram. And hamsters shake ears, valuing losses!

I told you so!

Experts repeat these words in chorus. I told you so! My theory is justified! Listen to me!! Very often, this is just an attempt to swing their past ridiculous predictions.

Yes, but we talked too. We spoke more than once and with arguments in our hands – the market is growing, pros are coming. And the pros do not consider us, the community, for adults – it seems so easy for them to manipulate the market and fool us. They play with us as they do with unreasonable children, who don’t understand anything in finance, who don’t remember the history of stock markets and who are as easily fooled as taking a candy from a child.

This is only partly true. You can be fooled only as long as you allow it.

Extreme Christmas Sale

When? Or already ?? – that’s the main question. Hodl or sell – to save even the crumbs from your satoshies? They scare us – what about if all the miners come out of the market? They say, it is a massive outage already! Something like – Bayonet in the ground! Tired of fighting!

Are you seriously?

Mining has already been conducted in an industrial way. Farms in China will even work at a loss. Because they will get in return when the corn breaks through $10K. Small ones will die out, of course – but this is the law of the market.

There is another extreme – the corn is already very low, soon growth! Yes, the corn dropped by 82%, if you count from $ 19974 (up to $ 3600). But what prevents it from dropping by 90%, as Charlie Lee (Litecoin) stated a year ago? Or by 95%? Who says more?

Agile vice versa

It is known that Agile is the most successful project management methodology in a rapidly changing environment. No one had yet applied the agile approach to trading. Why not? The use of iterations, the dynamic formation of requirements and ensuring their implementation – why not applied to trading in cryptomarket? Right now, this approach reigns. There are calls from all sides – We have passed the bottom! So let’s buy bitcoin! And what’s next? It is clear what: you buy with all your money, the market will drop again, you will syphon everything cheaply.

And?.. Voila! Institutionalists buy it in the bud – and then this Tothemoon happens – to $ 40K or to $ 100K. Such predictions were in fact.

In such way they make billions. They make them with our losses.

Nota Bene: We do not give financial advices! Think for yourself.

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