Airdropes of the week: DVMarketplace (DVM) and Yes Wallet (YSW)

The undoubted leader among the last two weeks airdropes was the Coinstelegram (CTM). But every day new airdropes appear. The market comes to life, projects compete for the community. Today we draw your attention to the DV Marketplace (DVM) and Yes Wallet (YSW). This is not financial advice, but the result of the work of our analytical unit.

DVMarketplace (DVM): 5 days left

DVMarketplace (DVM)  is holding an ICO just now. DVM tokens are sold for both TRON (TRX) tokens and TRON Europe (TERC) tokens, which are twice as expensive.

Until May 25, an airdrope is carried out – 100 DVM, at today’s rate it is $ 2.8. Conditions for obtaining tokens are standard: join the Telegram group, subscribe to Twitter and Youtube channel and fill out the form with the TRX wallet.

DVMarketplace is betting on the development of online commerce, bringing convincing statistics in the Whitepaper. The growth of e-Commerce retail is up to $ 2.8 trillion in 2018, and will increase at least 15% per year in the next three years:

… and the dynamics of digital buyers, in 2018 there are 2.07 billion of them, with increase of 10% per year all the last 5 years:

What will happen in the coming years – we’ll see. Perhaps the project is really interesting for long term. But we noticed its connection with TRON. And we took into account that TRON works well with Binance. So a quick DVM listing is very likely.

There are also a few marketing cases that attract attention. The privileged DVM Brilliant token is provided for institutionalists. The price of one such token is 50K TRX. There are only 300 of them, the first 30 owners of 500K standard DVM tokens will receive one DVM Brilliant as a bounty. For institutionalists, it is interesting with the opportunity to advertise for free on the platform and by a 50% increase in dividend profit and the possibility of buyback.

Yes Wallet (YSW) – Airdrop ends May 31

The project with the optimistic title Yes Wallet (YSW)  is a decentralized multicurrency wallet with BTC and 100+ altcoins and tokens support. Developer company is Sales Digital Limited (UK). It promises banking level security and is multiplatformed – Android, IOS and Web. Yes Wallet has a built-in exchanger.

In essence, there is a number of such projects. Perhaps, therefore, Yes Wallet launched an attractive airdrop, promising each participant $ 50 – that is, 100 YSW. Terms – like on FB, subscribing to Instagram. And you also need to join the group in the Telegram and fill out the form.

In this review, we selected two different-quality airdrops. The first (DVM) gives a small bonus, but draws attention to its ICO and possibility of good investment for long-term, with given prospects for the development of the project in the monetary sphere. The second, Yes Wallet (YSW), is interested in attracting users to its service and gives a tangible premium for it. The resulting YSW tokens can be immediately exchanged, and at the same time you can see how good the service is.

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