Bitcoin (BTC) is rising due to women and youth

The unstable behavior of Bitcoin, its exclusive dominance causes a critical attitude towards the cryptocurrency market. Now the inevitability of currency wars has become apparent, and Bitcoin as safe haven is again being questioned.

A new attack on the Corn in favor of metallic gold was undertaken by Mark Mobius, Mobius Capital Partners, who positions himself as an emerging markets fund manager. Mobius recommends investors to invest in gold and not risk it with BTC:

– Buying gold will result in long-term gains for investors as the world’s central banks begin loosening their monetary policies. Gold’s long-term prospect is up, up and up, and the reason why I say that is money supply is up, up and up…I think you have to be buying [gold] at any level, frankly.

Mobius calls cryptocurrencies “psycho-currencies” because their existence is determined by faith in them. But when national currencies will drop down, people will not have faith, and they will begin to buy solid assets, including gold.

The financier’s gloomy forecast is justified by nothing but his faith. But there are objective survey data that confirm: bitcoin is recognized as a protective asset, along with gold. Although, perhaps, it is still inferior in attractiveness. In any case, this year’s charts of gold and bitcoin clearly correlate.

Gold IRA Guide, a popular site for managing retirement savings in the USA, conducted a new survey on the topic – how to invest to save money.

The site is focused on investing in metallic gold. But at the same time, the survey results indicate the growing popularity of digital gold, BTC.

How do you prefer to invest $ 10 thousand? – was the question. 84.3%, respondents aged 18 to 65 years and older answered that it is gold.

However, “among respondents aged 18 to 34, 22% said they would choose bitcoin,” Gold IRA Guide reports. In the age group of 25-34 years. (the most active and promising group) 23.9% chose bitcoin too. If we take only women at this age, then 24.1% prefer bitcoin.

The trend is obvious and it is growing, taking into account the age of the respondents. Moreover – investing in BTC is recognized as reliable, because women are traditionally distinguished by caution.

Coinstelegram Research: “Truth is out there”. The truth in the middle. The generally accepted practice is as follows: it is recommended to invest from 5% to 10% of the portfolio in gold and other precious metals, and 1% in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the very possibility of investing in crypto arose only a couple of years ago. It is obvious that in the near future the shares of metal and digital gold will become completely equal. Moreover, the parity event horizon is no more than one-two years.

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