Bitcoin (BTC) tothemoon?

Numerous predictions about the explosive growth of Bitcoin begin to come true. Although the growth of 10-12% in 2 days can not be called explosive. However, against the backdrop of prolonged calm – this is a very optimistic movement.

Until what?

Now crypto traders have only one question – to what level will the Corn grow? Almost no one doubts that it will grow rapidly. Nearly. Tell more later.

At the same time, hamsters revived after winter hibernation began to fussily jump from coin to coin, naively trying to guess which one will give greater growth. EOS and Litecoin are discussed in chat rooms. Well, here are the signals, they say!

Hamsters always remain hamsters.

So after all, for those who are in (not in the tank) – to what level will the Corn grow? The fact is that no EOS, Litecoin (LTC) and even Binance Coin (BNB) are not market drivers – serious people do not argue about this, of course.

Fussing with charts

Fans of technical analysis have already fussing with rulers, tracing their straight lines and curves with intricate nicknames – head and shoulders, flipped head and shoulders, etc. The limit, which they decide to call as a result of these dances with rulers – $ 4,200. Well, this is not tothemoon, of course. There are other predictions. If we exclude marginals, like McAfee with his $ 100 K per BTC, then the forecasts vary from $ 10 K to $ 20 K. In essence, many analysts call the $ 10 K limit. It could be considered the most plausible. If…

Fundamental factors

…If fundamental factors will not play. The main is the recognition that crypto is becoming an equal part of the global financial system. This has not yet been fixed by any documents. But in fact it is. And this means that all phenomena that shake the global financial system will be reflected in crypto.

Why does the Corn grows by March, as it was predicted by our site? Because there are fundamental factors:

  1. Brexit and the subsequent inevitable collapse of the European Union, self-destruction of the euro.
  2. Schizophrenic US foreign policy, undermining the hegemony of the dollar.
  3. Restoration of a bipolar world with the inevitable militarization of the world economy.
  4. Competition for leadership in cryptoworld between Bitcoin, Ether, XRP and the unborn Gram.

What are the consequences of this?

A new cold war and a new arms race require mechanisms to circumvent sanctions. Crypto – the best one in fact. But neither the Corn nor the Ether fully meet the needs of financiers. We are waiting for Pavel Durov with his TON and Gram. Durov promises his coin in the second quarter. Until that time, the Corn should grow. And most likely – moderately, that is – above $ 10 K, but not up to $ 20K (just will not have time).

But what will happen to it later?

Attention! The foregoing is the personal point of view of the author. Coinstelegram does not give financial advice!

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