Buddy (BUD) Gives Continuous Delivery To EOSIO

Application Development & Deployment Software is one of the most lucrative IT markets which is currently worth $110 billion. The Winning development automation platform Buddy, serves this rapidly growing market, projected to be worth $345 billions by 2022.

Blockchain, a relatively new technology is changing the way transactions are to be held digitally. Basically a Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. It is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way . This not only protects one’s business dealings and prevents theft, it also, simplifies day to day affairs, quickens the process and reduces errors.

Buddy is a blockchain application development and deployment platform. Buddy optimises and streamlines the development and collaboration aspects of building applications on the blockchain!

Buddy offers its users – developers, a clear advantage. The benefits can be more difficult to grasp for non-developers, but it is actually fairly simple.

Buddy is a platform of tools that takes care of the time-consuming and redundant parts of developing. The parts that have to be done but that every developer dreads. Developing and deploying an application is like building a house.

Buddy ICO unveils a cutting edge technology of development automation platform dedicated to dApps, the decentralised applications which is made of three major elements:

  1. Automation Marketplace : An app store for the developers and by the developers.
  2. Automation GRID : It is a decentralised infrastructure for running automation tasks for app development from the Automation Marketplace and for running apps and websites for tests & previews without a need to deploy them to any server.
  3. BlockchainOps : It is a development automation solution made for smarter, better & faster Blockchain apps by the Buddy team.

With Buddy growing faster then ever and being way ahead of their roadmap. Buddy already supports EOS and the team is working on adding support for others such as ETH, NEO, ICX, TRX, NEM ect. Buddy aims to enable efficient development across all blockchains. We are calling all EOS developers to try the solution.

DAPPs platform Buddy (https://buddy.works) makes it easy to develop application in Agile style and build/test EOS smart contract as “EOSIO continuous delivery”

Buddy can be used to develop complex projects on the EOS network by creating advanced pipelines to be applied to the git branches on every push.

With Buddy, developers can test the smart contracts. Given that many of these applications are used to transfer value, testing to ensure stability, security and integrity is an extremely important process that cannot be overlooked. Instead of manually testing, or running numerous tests locally that take a long time, every time a developer pushes a commit to the branch Buddy will build and test the EOSIO smart contracts. If a developer is working with a team, they can automate notifications every time any of the team members makes a commit!

Buddy suggests simple process:

  • Build and test the front end application with the npm test.
  • Deploy to testnet
  • And even notify the Test Team if new versions are launched.

A process that allows developers to produce valid builds ready to be published to the Mainnet on a single push to a branch is named “Continuous delivery” It is a process that allows developers to produce valid builds ready to be published to the Mainnet on a single push to a branch.

Buddy has a fully working product.

Currently, there are over 7,000 developers who already use Buddy every day across 120+ countries.

The Buddy platform will use BUD tokens to create an economy for developers to make purchases from the automation market as well as utilise the Automation GRIDs. BUD tokens will allow developers to earn from sharing their tools on the platform while users can purchase those tools using BUD tokens. By joining the Buddy economy users can also act as nodes for the Automation GRID and earn from their computers being utilised to run tasks for developers!

Token Details :

  • Symbol: BUD
  • Rate: 1 BUD = 0.0002 ETH
  • Total Sale Supply: From 300 million to 470 million. The nal amount will depend on the bonuses that would be applied in the Crowdsale.
  • Total Supply: Maximum 670 million BUD tokens will be generated. Minimum 500 million.
  • Hard cap: upon achieving this cap, token creation will stop and no further contributions will be accepted. The hard cap amount which will be sold in the crowdsale is 60,000 ETH
  • Protocol: ERC20
  • Emission rate: No new tokens will ever be created
  • Buddy can be reached for free. But as for professional it is better to use Starter or Pro subscriptions, Buddy Enterprise has 30-day Trial and $175 a month for 5 users.
  • Token Emission Date: up to 30 days after the tokensale endsBuddy has 2 Telegram Groups – We crossed 100k user limit of the first Telegram Group. So, we had to create a second group!

We started our 1st airdrop on June 6, 2018.The demand was so high & our referral system so robust that we hit the Telegram Max member limit within 10 hours!! We Had to immediately close the Airdrop. On can only whitelist at the moment.

What makes this industry unique is the clients. There are over 7,000 developers who already use Buddy every day across 120+ countries.

Buddy has an impressive list of customers and partners at present in cloud marketplaces of Amazon, Google & Github. Our featured customers include INC. Magazine, CGI.COM & Doc planner.

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