Coinstelegram Alerts: Ankr (Ankr) – Time For Whitelist! Neonexchange (NEX) Sale Starts In July? – Spatium (SPT) Hacked

Ankr (Ankr) – Isn’t It Time For Whitelist?

Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware – Ankr – provides a computation-resource-efficient blockchain and an integrated data feed system leveraging both cryptographic primitives and trusted hardware.

Fine!! But what about ICO? It is known (from official announcement Telegram) that “Presale has ENDED and crowdsale has NOT STARTED yet”.

Well. I see. “Crowdsale is scheduled at end of July / early August”. Great! 5 days left. But what about Whitelist? “Whitelist details will be released soon!”

You serious?

Neonexchange (NEX): No Presale, Sale Starts In July. Or – No?

DEX on NEO blockchain this is Neonexchange. NEX is a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation. By the end of the month NEX published an article where reminds its Mission, Vision and Relations with regulators:

  • NEX’s mission is to empower more than one billion users to invest, trade and manage digital assets by 2030. We aim to be the premier platform for decentralized financial tools and services.
  • NEX envisions that Distributed Ledger Technology will eventually form the basis of the world’s financial infrastructure. We aim to drive these changes.
  • NEX believes that Blockchain technology can support and empower existing and future AML and securities laws. We are driving innovation in the regulatory space and working to educate regulators.


Bad news is at the end of the article: We are hiring! See open positions here.

Spatium (SPT) Has Compromised Google Form

Spatium introduces a new standard of crypto security that is actually hacker-proof. But it is hacked. Its CEO Geray Yusifov announced in Telegram with passion: “Our google form with requests for allocation was compromised and now miscreant is sending emails and PMing these people, posing as Spatium. This individual, or group of Individuals, is now asking for investment for the exact allocation as was indicated in the form”.

The request for allocation form was deleted and no any other form is active from the project side. No allocation was accepted or confirmed until now. “We will provide information to community about allocation details in our official telegram channels”, – promises CEO.

This should not have happened – the project is first of all about security and privacy! On two tables in total they received more than 200 applications for participation in the private. No one gets an allocation, since major part of the private round allocation cap is closed already.

Information on private round status would be at the first week of August after Spatium conference in India.

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