Crypto Trends 2019: Bitcoin Banking ahead!

The British investment company CoinShares Group has published a Report on the cryptocurrency market trends. With a general positive outlook, analysts point out inevitable problems with state regulation – right up to the moment when statesmen come closer to understanding the role of cryptocurrencies.

CoinShares Group hired experts from such well-known companies as JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and State Street. With the power of these analysts, CoinShares combines expertise in fiat currencies with a crypto world. Some conclusions of this team look curious. According to the report, Bitcoin turned out to be the most impressive bubble in 40 years.

The report also notes that regulation will become an obstacle to industry growth in the coming years, as governments “will face a poor understanding of what is possible and what is not.”

The most delicate observation is the comparison of the cryptocurrency market with internet companies. Analysts reassure:

– The internet did not kill companies. It enabled new types of companies to grow and made existing ones more agile and efficient. Bitcoin and open financial systems will not kill financial institutions. It will enable new types of companies to grow and make existing ones more resilient.

The forecast also makes a hint to the players – not to wait for the grass to grow, but to move if they want to take a moment:

– Each wave of bitcoin adoption sees the rise of category leaders, some of whom may go on to lead the charge into a new wave of adoption.

This is the first time in the analytical environment, when the assumption of “banking with bitcoin” appeared. In fact, this means the end of the Bitcoin revolution. Analysts are pushing players to move until bankers have fully mastered the cryptocurrency space.

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