EdenChain (EDN), Coinstelegram & Cryptocommunity: Success for Three

EdenChain seems to be one of the most interesting and successful ICOs of 2018. Coinstelegram Fund had paid attention on it early in April. Coinstelegram.com had published first review of EdenChain (“Paradise Thickets of Blockchain”) with very positive summary on April the 7th. It was stated in Conclusions:

– EdenChain is positioned as blockchain platform of the third generation, aimed at creating a programmable economy… EdenChain solutions can be universally applied, incl. in the ICO, IoT, the gaming industry, AdTech, P2P finance, energy, commerce, health, etc. A platform is also being created to launch ICO of other start-ups… Its Pros:
Ambitious idea and advanced technology.
– Strong team and advisors
Partnership with respectable brands.
Several practical implementations.

After successful ICO 50% of funds goes to technical support. This indicates that the team is confident in the future development of the project. By investing in EdenChain, the Coinstelegram Fund thereby emphasizes its faith in technology and team of the project, based on own analysis and opinions of leading crypto experts. And signaled other investors to support the project.

EdenChain development goes faster than it was proposed early. On September 16, EDN tokens were unlocked. On September 19, a crypto exchange KuCoin has announced EdenChain listing on its platform. On September 18 EdenChain team announced that proposal for Masternodes would be ready by mid-October 2018. The proposal will include details on how the community can participate, expected yield from operating a Masternode, and how the EDN team will reward early supporters.

Soon after listing EDN had showed 2x growth but small volume ($0.9 M). As it is almost usual after initial growth the token dropped (0,5x USD, 0,6x BTC, 1,4x ETH), but the volume rose very significantly ($10.145 M). Now EDN shows a growing trend with rising volume (almost $10 M).

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