Eksperium (EKSPA) ICO: Worldwide B2B Marketplace

Ekspa project is the marketplace of the future with an improved logic.


Over the past decade, the global e-Commerce market has been growing steadily. In 2015 its volume reached $ 1.67 trillion. (the largest share is in China). The current income potential is almost limitless. One of the main shares of the world’s Internet trade is occupied by marketplaces. The total number of users of marketplaces is more than a million companies.

So EKSPA’s team is about to build centralized information multilingual cloud web application, which will bring together buyers, suppliers, investors, using the advantages of blockchain. Blockchain features will add the following functionality to the platform:

  1. Multi-sign transactions, certifying the execution of the transaction by all parties.
  2. «Smart reputation» of the counterparty, certifi ed by the network. These reviews without «marriage».
  3. The function of the «Green light» for launching new businesses worldwide, who are ready to produce innovative products in every sphere of production.
  4. The «Investment» function, a module that allows you to support a company based on cryptotoken.
  5. Voting for the development of a certain functionality of the application.
  6. Accrual of tokens for viewing advertising.

And some extra techno features will be added in future: Multi-language search; A neural network; Virtual exhibition; Auctions.

The EKSPA’s Platform functionality is developed with convenient tools for B2B segment:

  1. Proposals. Placement of information about goods and services of the company.
  2. Requests. Placement of information about the company’s needs.
  3. Advertising. Advertise your offer or request.
  4. Analytics and reports. Analytical reporting for sales and purchase analysis.
  5. Current events. Publish company news in the selected industry for notifi cation.
  6. Cabinet of the Investor, the buyer of tokens.

What about blockchain? It is announced that the basis of payments for the service on the platform will be utility-cryptotoken Eksperium. Eksperium is a token issued on the basis of Waves and CAT – “Custom Application Tokens”. Apptoken or CAT is a cryptographically secured transferable blockchain token used as an integral part of application functionality.

MVP and Roadmap

EKSPA’s main product is web app that will allow to connect customers and suppliers without intermediaries for free. With the possibility to obtain premium options such as to run advertising in the selected industry. The authors claims: “In this application, we see the development of an ecosystem of relationships that go beyond the traditional bounds of the customer-supplier”.

By now the prototype is developed with ability to create and manage ads, personal account for the Investor and integration of premium-logic. Next are: extending the functionality of working with requests; connection of tokens to the system; expanding the functionality of payment tokens in the system and more.

August 2018 – prototype Development: Ability to run auctions; Implementation of smart contracts, «Smart reputation»; Verification companies, through arbitrators companies; Charging tokens for viewing ads; Analytics and reports.
September 2018 – the beginning of trial operation of the product with the connection of cryptotoken.
November 2018 – the Development of the beta version.
December 2018 – the commissioning of the product (web application).
January 2019 – release of mobile version (IOS, Android)
February 2019 – April 2019 – Advertising company, Accountability with number of users 200 000, multilingual search.
September 2019 – add neural network search, number of users (500 000).
October 2019 – the Desktop version (Windows).
December 2019 – adding the module « Investing».


Ticker: Eksperium
Price of tokens is as follows:

Minimum expected investment (Soft Cap): $ 400 000
Maximum expected investment (Hard Cap): $ 9 700 000
Token distribution:


ALEKSEY NIKIFOROV – AUTHOR OF THE IDEA, FOUNDER, PROJECT MANAGER. More than 15 years of work in the field of business automation in Russia. Developer, team lead, CEO at Your Solution.

CO-FOUNDERS- Andrey Nikitin and Maslov Boris (nothing known).

But dev cast is with cool background – Russians.


The EKSPA project is characterized by a rigid practical focus. In its creation, the realities of the market and the prospects for the growth of E-Commerce are taken into account, and hence the inevitable demand for marketplaces. Ekspa creates such a marketplace using the blockchain.

Feature of the project: Russian team, reliance on the Russian blockchain Waves – successful project with well-deserved reputation. The Russian team guarantees high quality of development and compliance with deadlines. Therefore, roadmap is quite realistic. The development of the project in the event of success ICO is almost guaranteed.

A very good tokenomics – preset motivating, can promise a very good profit even with a slight increase in the token. And the growth is quite expected according to market conjuncture. There may be problems in connection with the B2B orientation – these are extremely distrustful customers. They will enter the project, only after having calculated everything. Success will depend on marketing activity, taking into account technologies that are applicable to B2B. Perhaps, the traditional hype will not be enough. But this will only delay the growth of the token, which most likely will grow.

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