EOS Tothemoon!

EOS overtook Litecoin again and came in fourth in terms of capitalization. Now, perhaps for a long time. According to the leading analysts of the Coinstelegram, it is EOS that will become the market driver in the near future.

Ethereum Killer

Immediately after it appeared, EOS acquired the nickname “Ethereum Killer”. And it was understandable. Developed on its own blockchain, albeit in accordance with the ERC20 standard, the cryptocurrency had a lot of advantages over Ethereum. And even on the expectations community willingly dropped the money for the token. EOS held a record ICO, collecting $ 4 billion.

With such funding, the team could easily fly to the moon in the literal and figurative sense. But flew off somewhere else, obviously. And the hamsters who bought EOS on the rise, are now forced to wait patiently for the coin to return to the values of the $ 5-15 price at which they bought it. Apparently, the wait is not long, and the most patient hamsters will be able to exit EOS without a loss.

What is the secret of EOS? In addition to fast transactions, EOS also promised unlimited scalability and low fees. But the main thing is that the project turned out to be one of the first of “cross finance projects”, when users of other services automatically entered the cryptocurrency. True, this was not officially announced, but it is not necessary to be too wise to add 2 and 2. We will try.

EOS is launched by block.one, where CTO was the legendary Dan Larimer. Prior to that, Larimer founded BitShares decentralized crypto-exchange (2013) and Steemit (2016) blockchain social network . Today, Steemit has 1M + users who take advantage of the opportunity to encourage content creators using Steem tokens (37th place in terms of capitalization). The Steem chart, by a strange coincidence, exactly repeats the EOS chart.

It is clear that both tokens – EOS and Steem – occupy high positions in various BitShares matrices, for example, in the Blockchain Activity Matrix.

Well, regular publications appear on the Steemit network.

In general, it is ecosystem. EOS used a combination of two cryptocurrency concepts – traditional, autonomous – and a new one that appeared in the last few months pending the release of Gram: a cryptocurrency, supported by a large mass of users of other services. Larimer believed that social network users were enough. Now it is clear that it is better to attract the audience of instant messengers. Not only Durov with his Gram, but also Mark Zuckerberg, who is hastily developing his stablecoin for WhatsApp, are relying on this. But it still will be. And EOS is already here!

Moreover, EOS did work on the bugs and at the end of February agreed with the Tapatalk application that its users will be able to use the coin. And this is already 300 M + users! In addition, in the first quarter a decentralized exchange is expected to launch, which is focused specifically on EOS. This was reported by the Huobi Group.

So the rise of EOS is inevitable. And hamsters will sell their tokens finally . Perhaps even with profit.

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