Exclusive: Crypto Funds Based in Singapore. Part 2 – AUM, ROI, Portfolios

To date, crypto has developed most in the countries of Asia. According to experts, this trend will continue. And it will become a part of the global trend to shift in economic activity to Asia. The city-state of Singapore in this case is the most successful hub and crypto-financial center. There is already formed a crypto cluster with several successful crypto funds. Below are the characteristics of Funds that appeared and received explosive development in 2017-2018. For a general overview, see Part 1. And see below summary table with AUM, ROI and Portfolios of Funds based in Singapore and established in 2016-2017.

Astronaut Capital

Astronaut is a research-integrated asset manager that is “changing the landscape of crypto investment”. And more – it “leverages the fundamental and technological expertise of some of the industry’s leading blockchain analysts”. Since 2016 an active participant in the cryptocurrency market through institutional-grade analysis, trading and seed investment. Astronaut Capital is a licensed asset manager focused on providing an outperforming investment vehicle to retail, sophisticated and institutional investors. Through extensive research, detailed due diligence, and a constant strive for alpha, Astronaut Capital has become one of the leading managers for cryptocurrency and digital asset investment. Features:

  • 2765 INVESTORS


FinShi Capital

FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed on blockchain technology. The fund was founded by Capinvest 21 venture fund and a group of Capinvest 21 and Asian LPAsian venture investors (Asia LP). During the next 2 years FinShi Capital is going to extend its portfolio by selecting at least 15 fintech and blockchain projects on Seed and A/B rounds. Investment focus:

  • Authentication technologies
  • Mobile (MPOS) acquiring and e-commerce (online acquiring)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API) for banks
  • Virtual Banking (online banking and mobile applications)
  • Big data and online scoring
  • P2P-lending platforms
  • E-wallets and cryptocurrency payments
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Technologies for exchange markets
  • Contactless technologies for e-wallets.
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and offline-to-online (о2о)
  • PFM services
  • Chat bots for banks and robo-advisors
  • Distributed ledger and smart contracts
  • Crowdfunding technologies
  • New technologies for traditional finances
  • RegTech. Technologies for risk management, payments control and regulators relations.
  • Other products and services for financial area



LinkVc is an emerging venture capital firm based in Singapore, currently focused on working with block chains, digital money and Internet financial services investments and projects. It provides block chain ICO being dedicated to assisting companies in financing ICO (Initial Crypto-Token Offering). Has succeeded in multiple investment chain chains and digital currency projects and achieved more than 10 times the return. LinkVc also provides Investment and incubation, focused on finding chain-related and digital-currency-related business projects.


Signum Capital

Singapore-based firm that exclusively consults in Blockchain-enabled companies. Their mission is to realize the future of Blockchain economy by consulting in game changing projects and companies. Signum Capital participate in Pre-sale stages of Token Generation Events and Equity investments.


Summary Table

Fund Name Strategy Target AUM Avg. ICO ETH ROI
Astronaut Capital Hedge, Venture Blockchain startups, Crypto $2,448,520 1.36x
Finshi Capital Accelerator, Venture Startups $21,420,000 N/A
LinkVC Venture Blockchain startups N/A 3.96x
Signum Capital Venture Blockchain startups N/A 4.09x


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