Exclusive: Interview with Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Co-founder

While working at Malta AI and Blockchain Summit (AIBC Summit) Nov 7-8 Coinstelegram team met and made and interview with Alejandro Regojo, one of co-founders of the Bitcoin fork – Bitcoin Gold. Enjoy!

– Please tell us how you were involved in blockchain and how your way in Bitcoin Gold started?

– I became involved in Bitcoin Gold project because of self-realization and because of monopoly inside of Bitcoin. At that time a lot of people understood this idea. So my approach to bitcoin itself is an economic contribute that is behind bitcoin. I worked also on blockchain products but I still believe that the best blockchain is after bitcoin.

– You are the fan of crypto, you pay for everything with crypto and you make big researches on Lightning Network. Will you tell us more about this?

– Lightning Network is used by bitcoin developers and Bitcoin Gold developers because this is the way to scale bitcoin. Bitcoin right now is not a good way to pay for something. Lightning Network is very hot topic because everyone needs to know about it, everyone has his own opinion. We have to be careful. And technology itself is not easy. It will be difficult for the market to situate bitcoin itself. It needs knowledge, information, people need consult from a lot of companies to develop permissionless things. But I’m full of Lightning Network ideas.

– Do you think that in future crypto will totally substitute fiat?

– We could think in this way two years ago. But now with banks developing their own digital currency the border between crypto and fiat will be very complicated to identify. From common point of view crypto will replace fiat, but I’m not sure that the decentralized crypto will replace fiat. For user from some point ща view it is no difference.

– As for developing of Bitcoin Gold – do you have any interesting partnerships?

– If you want to follow developing of Bitcoin Gold you just need to follow developing bitcoin itself. There are same people who developed bitcoin. And our goals are very-very close. We decide to develop Lightning Network and testing implementations of Lightning Network in Bitcoin Gold, we have support from scientists and anonymous developers and so on. Bitcoin gold and bitcoin are very similar from this point of view. And as for partnerships: as bitcoin has partnerships – we have partnerships. We welcome everyone to use Bitcoin Gold – as a company, as a service provider. We help everyone to implement Bitcoin Gold.

– What is your prediction on the price of bitcoin?

– I say all the time when I get this question that I agree that bitcoin will reach the price that everyone say. If you say $100 thousand or $200 thousand – I agree with everything. I agree that bitcoin will reach very high levels, but not giving the time when it will occur. You can believe in the number. But you cannot predict how mass adoption will come. If you get the level of adoption you can get that price.

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